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Only One Jamaican Restaurant review image

BOS Review

Only One Jamaican Restaurant

Only One is a pretty good Jamaican restaurant in Dorchester. It’s really good if you order the curried goat.

The Ice Creamsmith review image

BOS Review

The Ice Creamsmith

The Ice Creamsmith is a Dorchester staple that serves large scoops of delicious ice cream.

Chill On Park review image

BOS Review

Chill On Park

Chill on Park is a good ice cream shop in Dorchester that also sells smoothies and pastries.

Ripple Cafe review image

BOS Review

Ripple Cafe

Ripple is a Black-owned coffee shop in Dorchester with great iced coffee.

Ghost Pepper Taco & Tequila Bar review image

BOS Review

Ghost Pepper Taco & Tequila Bar

Ghost Pepper is a lively taco restaurant in Dorchester, and the tacos are pretty much the least notable thing about it.

Ban Toi review image

BOS Review

Ban Toi

Ban Toi is a great casual Vietnamese restaurant in Dorchester with a few dishes that have the potential to save a bad day.