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Myung Dong 1st Ave review image

BOS Review

Myung Dong 1st Ave
Korean in Allston

The first thing you’ll notice at Myung Dong in Allston is the K-Pop videos playing on a loop. The second thing you’ll notice is the good Korean menu.

Lone Star Taco Bar review image

BOS Review

Lone Star Taco Bar
Mexican in Allston

Lone Star is a tiny bar in Allston that serves big tacos and other good Tex-Mex.

Lulu’s  review image

BOS Review

American in Allston

Lulu’s is a restaurant in Allston that has a bocce court and satisfying brunch.

Dumpling Kingdom review image

BOS Review

Dumpling Kingdom
Chinese in Allston

Dumpling Kingdom is an appropriately named Chinese restaurant in Allston that’s great for a cheap meal.

Dolphin Bay review image

BOS Review

Dolphin Bay
Chinese in Allston

Dolphin Bay is a tiny Taiwanese spot in Allston that doesn’t have a liquor license, but does have some really good popcorn chicken and wontons.