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Kim’s Tofu review image

BOS Review

Kim’s Tofu

Kim’s Tofu is a Korean restaurant in Allston with great kimchi-jjigae and excellent kalbi.

Taqueria El Barrio review image

BOS Review

Taqueria El Barrio

Taqueria el Barrio is a good fast-casual taco place near BU.

White Horse Tavern review image

BOS Review

White Horse Tavern

White Horse is a pub in Allston that's big with students.

The Model Cafe review image

BOS Review

The Model Cafe

The Model is a legacy dive bar in Allston.

Silhouette Lounge review image

BOS Review

Silhouette Lounge

The Silhouette is an old-school dive in Allston-Brighton.

Super 88 Market Food Connection review image

BOS Review

Super 88 Market Food Connection

Super 88 is an Asian food court and grocery store in Allston, and you should come here when you want good food but don’t want to spend money.

Totto Ramen review image

BOS Review

Totto Ramen

Totto is a tiny ramen spot in Allston, and it should be on your ramen radar (which is totally a thing you should be able to get at Best Buy).

The Glenville Stops review image

BOS Review

The Glenville Stops

The Glenville Stops is a small plates place in Allston with a great wine list.

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese review image

BOS Review

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

Roxy’s is a tiny spot in Allston with some great sloppy sandwiches and burgers.

BonChon Chicken review image

BOS Review

BonChon Chicken

Bonchon is a Korean fried chicken place in Allston that, if you like fried chicken at all, you’re probably going to like.

Dolphin Bay review image

BOS Review

Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay is a tiny Taiwanese spot in Allston that doesn’t have a liquor license, but does have some really good popcorn chicken and wontons.

Casa Caña review image

BOS Review

Casa Caña

Casa Cana is a Latin spot in Allston with an OK menu, but a great outdoor courtyard.

Lone Star Taco Bar review image

BOS Review

Lone Star Taco Bar

Lone Star is a tiny bar in Allston that serves big tacos and other good Tex-Mex.

Seoul Soulongtang review image

BOS Review

Seoul Soulongtang

Seoul Soulongtang is a casual Korean spot in Allston that specializes in ox bone noodle soup.

Dumpling Kingdom review image

BOS Review

Dumpling Kingdom

Dumpling Kingdom is an appropriately named Chinese restaurant in Allston that’s great for a cheap meal.

Our Fathers Deli review image

BOS Review

Our Fathers Deli

Our Fathers is a Jewish deli with a to-go counter, and a mod dining room that serves a ton of gin.

Coreanos review image

BOS Review


Coreanos is a Korean-Mexican counter-serve spot in Allston.

Myung Dong 1st Ave review image

BOS Review

Myung Dong 1st Ave

The first thing you’ll notice at Myung Dong in Allston is the K-Pop videos playing on a loop. The second thing you’ll notice is the good Korean menu.

Carlo’s Cucina Italiana review image

BOS Review

Carlo’s Cucina Italiana

Carlo’s is a casual spot in Allston that makes big plates of classic Italian food.

Lulu’s  review image

BOS Review


Lulu’s is a restaurant in Allston that has a bocce court and satisfying brunch.