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Kim’s Tofu review image

BOS Review

Kim’s Tofu

Kim’s Tofu is a Korean restaurant in Allston with great kimchi-jjigae and excellent kalbi.

Izakaya Ittoku review image

BOS Review

Izakaya Ittoku

Ittoku is a Porter Square izakaya inside a windowless mall, and it’s better and way more fun than you expect a restaurant in a windowless mall to be.

Fat Baby review image

BOS Review

Fat Baby

Fat Baby is a sushi place in South Boston where the focus less on the sushi and more on the fun.

Moonshine 152 review image

BOS Review

Moonshine 152

Moonshine 152 is a great little restaurant in South Boston that serves Asian-ish street food.

Super 88 Market Food Connection review image

BOS Review

Super 88 Market Food Connection

Super 88 is an Asian food court and grocery store in Allston, and you should come here when you want good food but don’t want to spend money.

BonChon Chicken review image

BOS Review

BonChon Chicken

Bonchon is a Korean fried chicken place in Allston that, if you like fried chicken at all, you’re probably going to like.

Seoul Soulongtang review image

BOS Review

Seoul Soulongtang

Seoul Soulongtang is a casual Korean spot in Allston that specializes in ox bone noodle soup.

Coreanos review image

BOS Review


Coreanos is a Korean-Mexican counter-serve spot in Allston.

Myung Dong 1st Ave review image

BOS Review

Myung Dong 1st Ave

The first thing you’ll notice at Myung Dong in Allston is the K-Pop videos playing on a loop. The second thing you’ll notice is the good Korean menu.

Shojo review image

BOS Review


Shojo is a fun and colorful Asian restaurant in Chinatown that feels more like a bar than a restaurant.

Bonchon Chicken review image

BOS Review

Bonchon Chicken

Bonchon Chicken is a casual Korean restaurant in a Harvard Square basement.

Banyan Bar & Refuge review image

BOS Review

Banyan Bar & Refuge

Banyan is a fun Korean fusion restaurant in the South End.

The Best “Happy Hours” In Boston guide image

BOS Guide

The Best “Happy Hours” In Boston

The best Happy Hour deals in a city that doesn’t actually allow Happy Hour deals.

Fuku review image

BOS Review


Fuku is an order-at-the-counter spicy fried chicken spot in the Seaport.