Kala Thai Cookery

Kala Thai, an airy, casual spot so close to the Haymarket that, unless you believe busted tomatoes prevent foot blisters, you’re not going to want to wear sandals walking in there, has something on the menu called a corn cake. Those are two pretty basic words, and while you may think you have a pretty good idea of what the corn cake is, you’re probably wrong. Instead of a dense hunk of yellow bread or something that would normally be wrapped in wax paper, picture Dippin’ Dots but with fried kernels of corn instead of weirdly textured ice cream. It’s outstanding, you’ll wish you could get buckets of it when you go to the movies, and it’s just the beginning of an excellent Thai menu at what should be one of your new Downtown go-to’s for lunch or a quick dinner. The standard noodle dishes are all well done, but the small plates and curries are outstanding and the reason that, if you live nearby, you can now brag that your neighborhood Thai spot is better than your friend’s.