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Pai Kin Kao review image

BOS Review

Pai Kin Kao

Pai Kin Kao is a very casual Central Square Thai place that should absolutely be in your Cambridge Thai rotation.

Moonshine 152 review image

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Moonshine 152

Moonshine 152 is a great little restaurant in South Boston that serves Asian-ish street food.

Sweet Rice review image

BOS Review

Sweet Rice

Sweet Rice is a casual Thai/sushi place Jamaica Plain. It’s a good option for a casual bite if you’re in the neighborhood.

Laughing Monk Cafe review image

BOS Review

Laughing Monk Cafe

The Laughing Monk Cafe is a Thai-Japanese restaurant in Mission Hill that has some sneakily great sushi.

9zaab Thai Street Food review image

BOS Review

9zaab Thai Street Food

9Zaab is an excellent Thai street food place in East Cambridge with a wheel you can spin to win a discount.

Kala Thai Cookery review image

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Kala Thai Cookery

Kala Thai is a great little Thai spot next to the Haymarket downtown.

Dakzen review image

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Dakzen is a counter-service place in Davis Square that makes great Thai street noodles.