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Samuel Adams Brewery review image

BOS Review

Samuel Adams Brewery

Samuel Adams is a brewery in Jamaica Plain, but you knew that already.

Midway Cafe review image

BOS Review

Midway Cafe

The Midway Cafe is the best possible version of a divey live music bar in Jamaica Plain.

Sweet Rice review image

BOS Review

Sweet Rice

Sweet Rice is a casual Thai/sushi place Jamaica Plain. It’s a good option for a casual bite if you’re in the neighborhood.

El Oriental De Cuba review image

BOS Review

El Oriental De Cuba

El Oriental De Cuba is a small Cuban restaurant in Jamaica Plain with some great empanadas.

Ula Cafe review image

BOS Review

Ula Cafe

The Ula Cafe is a comfortable coffee shop in Jamaica Plain with good sandwiches.

Vee Vee review image

BOS Review

Vee Vee

Vee Vee is an American restaurant in Jamaica Plain that’s in the running for the award of “JP-est restaurant,” which is a good thing.