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The 19 Best Pizza Places In Miami

The top 19 pizzas in Miami, according to us.

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19 Spots
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19 Spots
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Updated July 29th, 2021

We’ve eaten a concerning number of slices and pies to bring you our guide to the very best pizza Miami has to offer. And there is a lot to offer, despite what the annoying New Yorker or Chicagoan in your life has to say about us and our pizza. This guide includes neighborhood favorites, excellent slices in the back of a bar, and some flavor combinations you’ll only find in Miami.

You should know that these rankings only apply to the pizzas - it’s not a ranking of the restaurants on the whole. Now that we’ve provided this disclaimer, go read about (and eat) some incredible pizza.

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The Spots

Cleveland Jennings

Mister 01

$$$$ 1680 Michigan Ave Ste 101

Inside an office building just off Lincoln Road is Mister 01, a tiny spot serving pizzas that sound (and sometimes look) a bit strange. But these pies are the best in Miami. The crust is thin - but not too thin - and is foldable yet crispy enough to hear an audible crunch when you take a bite. It’s the odd yet delicious toppings, though, that earn Mister 01 its number one spot. The coffee paolo has mozzarella, gorgonzola, honey, coffee, and spicy salami - and it sent us into a temporary state of confusion before winning us over. The star luca pie has perfectly contained little pockets of hot ricotta cheese in its folded crust. And the rest of the pizzas under the “extraordinary pizza” chunk of the menu are what you should stick to, even if they sound a little out there.

Merritt Smail

Eleventh Street Pizza

Pizza  in  Downtown
$$$$ 1035 N Miami Ave

Eleventh Street Pizza is a great New York-style pizza spot operating out of the old Fooq’s space in Downtown. We loved all the pizzas we’ve tried here, which are foldable yet firm, and made with sourdough crust. Our favorite is the pepperoni and hot honey pizza, which comes topped with Calabrian chili paste, caramelized onions, and little pepperoni cups. The nerano (roasted zucchini, garlic, pistachio, and stracciatella) is also wonderful, and so is the Sicilian square slice, which is actually more like four slices worth of pizza. The pizzas feed two to three people, especially if you add on a side like meatballs or caesar salad. It’s mostly a to-go operation, but they sometimes have tables set up outside so you can eat there.

Emily Schindler


$$$$ 1930 Bay Rd

Lucali is a place with a very big reputation thanks to the original location in Brooklyn, where people wait more than three hours for a table. The wait for the South Beach location is considerably less miserable (it could be as low as 15 minutes on a slow weekday), but the pizza is still incredibly good. They serve only one size pie here - which should be plenty for two - and it tastes like a thin-crust pizza and a classic New York slice had a baby, and then that baby got its master’s degree in tasting good. If you just hate waiting any amount of time for your pizza, you can usually walk right in at 1pm on Friday when they open for lunch.

Katie Burton

Stanzione 87

Pizza  in  Brickell
$$$$ 87 SW 8th St

A bottle of wine and a pizza from Stanzione is like winning $100 on a scratch-off or finding out the kid who used to bully you in high school got attacked by a swarm of bees - it will always make our day better, no matter how bad it’s been. This is mostly because the simple Italian restaurant in Brickell serves a selection of red and white pizza with perfectly blistered crust and soft dough that never gets soggy. If you want something a little heavy, try the carbonara pizza with cream, mozzarella, crispy pancetta, and egg yolk. If you’re on a date and need something lighter, the lemon and burrata pizza goes great with a bottle of rosé. But no matter what you get, you’ll walk out of here feeling 300 percent better.



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Photo Courtesy of Miami Slice

Miami Slice

Pizza  in  Edgewater
$$$$ 3529 NE 2nd Ave

Miami Slice doesn’t operate like a normal pizza shop. The takeout-only spot in Midtown is open Friday through Sunday, and you have to pre-order your pizza (only one pie per order) for a specific time slot in advance. But for all this effort you will be rewarded with a truly outstanding pizza, especially if you’re into thin, foldable NY-style slices with incredibly crispy crust. The pies are huge, can feed about three people, and you can order them with half-and-half toppings. We tried the salsera pie - a vodka and marinara pizza with a psychedelic swirl of pesto. It was so good, and we really cannot stress enough how beautifully crispy the crust is.

Cleveland Jennings

Paradis Books & Bread

$$$$ 12831 W Dixie Hwy

Paradis is a North Miami wine bar and bakery that we really love. And we’ll never be able to come here without ordering a slice of pizza. It’s really unlike any slice in Miami thanks to a delicious light brown crust that tastes like whole wheat dough that just got back from a delightful vacation with a loaf of sourdough. The lamb pie has little dollops of cumin labneh that perfectly complement the lamb. And the marinara is amazing too, with perfectly charred toppings of za’atar, caramelized onions, and black garlic that make each bite a sweet and savory fireworks display for your tongue. We simply can’t pick a favorite between them, so order both (they sell by the slice) to avoid having a meltdown at the register.

Tasty Planet

Frankie's Pizza

Pizza  in  Bird Road
$$$$ 9118 SW 40th St

The retro sign for Frankie’s has been hanging over Bird Road since 1955, and people have loved the square pizzas here ever since. The slices are thinner and crispier than similar square pizzas you’ll find in Detroit or the Northeast - but the corner slices still have those perfect edges with delicious little burnt bits. A lot of people take them to-go, and this place also sells “half-baked” pies in case you want to finish yours in the oven at home. But it’s going to taste better if you eat it hot and fresh at one of their outdoor tables in the back.

Tasty Planet

'O Munaciello

PizzaItalian  in  MiMo
$$$$ 6425 Biscayne Boulevard

’O Munaciello is a strange looking restaurant with a massive angel hanging in the dining room, a fairly large diorama of an Italian village in the corner, and a domed ceiling that makes you feel like you’re in some sort of place of worship. But they also serve one of Miami’s best Neapolitan pizzas, and you will indeed be worshipping the cornicione di ricotta when you discover its crust is stuffed with ricotta.

Cleveland Jennings

Star Chiguas Pizza Cubana

PizzaCuban  in  Hialeah
$$$$ 1570 W 43rd Pl 1

Located in a little shopping plaza in Hialeah, Star Chiguas is a family-owned Cuban pizza spot with just a handful of tables. The pizza here is (pun intended) stellar, especially the crust and toppings. They make their own dough and it comes a bit thinner than most Cuban pizza places. Toppings include thinly sliced ham that gets perfectly crispy when baked or chorizo minced so fine it covers every bite. The must-order specialty here is the “Estrella.” It’s cooked in a star-shaped pan that - aside from bearing a slight resemblance to Patrick from SpongeBob - allows for a maximum crispy-cheese-to-crust ratio.


Square Pie City

$$$$ 1601 Drexel Ave

If you’re looking for Detroit-style pizza (which you should always be doing), then check out Square Pie City. The former pop-up now has a home in South Beach’s Time Out Market. And these pizzas have everything we love about the Detroit pie: tall and crispy edges, chewy dough, and liberal toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, and ricotta.

Tasty Planet

Andiamo Brick Oven Pizza

Pizza  in  MiMo
$$$$ 5600 Biscayne Blvd

If you can’t stand when a pizza collapses if it has more than three toppings, try Andiamo’s Sunday pie. It’s got meatballs, ricotta, pepperoncini, parmesan, and has a sturdy dough that holds it all up easier than Shaquille O’Neal lifting a toddler. But even if you’re not looking for a pizza that’s supporting a small Italian deli, the basic pepperoni is still very tasty. We also love eating here because they have some underrated outdoor seating and we’ve never had to wait for a table.



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Tasty Planet

Pizza Tropical

Pizza  in  Wynwood
$$$$ 176 NW 24th St

This little pizza stand in the backyard of Gramps in Wynwood makes the best New York-style pizza you can find in Miami. Sure, we always seem to crave it after four Moscow Mules, but this is a pizza you can easily enjoy even if you didn’t just do tequila shots at Wood. They have five varieties ranging from a square Abuelita’s pizza to La Hawaiian with pepperoni and caramelized pineapple. You can order them by the slice or as a pie if you’ve got three friends who are also under the influence of Gramps’ excellent Moscow Mules.

Tasty Planet

La Piazzetta Pizzeria

$$$$ 5143 NE 2nd Ave

La Piazzetta’s very large menu feels like a yearbook for a high school full of pizzas - but one of those elite high schools with very gifted students who somehow always have perfect skin and grow up to run successful internet start-ups. There’s a lot to choose from at this casual spot on the border of Little Haiti, but we’ve enjoyed every one of the Neapolitan pies we’ve tasted. Whether you get the minimal piazza caserta with tomato sauce and dabs of buffalo mozzarella, or the slightly more complex diavola with an ideal amount of spicy salami, you’re going to be very happy.



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Tasty Planet

Steve's Pizza

$$$$ 12010 Biscayne Blvd

There are certain things you just don’t badmouth in Miami: Dwyane Wade, the various hits of early 2000s Slip-n-Slide Records, and Steve’s Pizza. It’s one of those places locals cherish deeply, and the appeal of Steve’s is probably due to some combination of nostalgia and their very tasty New York-style slices. You can come to the little North Miami spot for just a slice or a whole pizza - just don’t go spouting any controversial hot takes about how it’s overrated unless you’re ready to defend yourself.

Tasty Planet

Collins Pizza

$$$$ 7308 Collins Ave

Collins Pizza is a simple slice shop in North Beach that makes the closest thing to a classic New York slice in...maybe the whole city? They use a slowly fermented dough (72 hours, in case you were curious), which gives the crust a great flavor. We really enjoyed both the pepperoni and vodka pie. Both were foldable and delicious, with perfect ratios of sauce to cheese, but the vodka is one we’ll absolutely be ordering again. This is a great weeknight pizza takeout choice, and a good beach picnic option since it’s only a block away from the beach.


Maxwell Bros. Clothing Store

$$$$ 17395 S Dixie Hwy

Maxwell Bros is a Palmetto Bay pizza shop from the Lincoln’s Beard Brewing team. So there are two great reasons to come here: beer and pizza. They do both wonderfully, but we really enjoy the pizza, which is closer to a Neapolitan style. This pie really won us over by the strength of its toppings. The Pizza Bianca has roasted garlic, caramelized onions, and a lovely sesame crust. The Super Luigi is another one to order. It has toasted pistachio, ricotta, sage, and sausage from fellow Palmetto Bay residents Babe’s. And, much like Lincoln’s Beard, it’s just a fun place to hang out and have a few beers.

Tasty Planet

Ironside Kitchen Pizza & Coffee Co

$$$$ 7580 NE 4th Ct

One of our favorite low-stress meals in Miami is bringing a bottle of wine to this BYOB place and getting a pizza. We love doing this because we enjoy wine, sure, but also because Ironside’s pizzas are always great and just the perfect size to fill you up after you’ve consumed half a bottle of wine. The pies here are closer to Neapolitan in look and texture, but you don’t need a fork and knife to eat them - unless you’re trying to look falsely civilized in front of a date, which this place is also great for.

Tasty Planet

La Leggenda Pizzeria

$$$$ 224 Espanola Way

La Leggenda is in a part of South Beach where your food options are severely limited, but this place is not like the touristy spots you’ll find across the street on Española Way. It’s actually good - especially their Neapolitan pizzas. They don’t overcomplicate things here: the dough is tender, the cheese-to-sauce ratio is on point, and we never expected to have such a pleasant meal so close to a Señor Frog’s.

Photo Courtesy of Harry's

Harry's Pizzeria

$$$$ 2996 McFarlane Rd

There are two Harry’s in Miami - one just outside the Design District and another in Coconut Grove. Both are safe bets anytime you’re craving a soft, chewy pizza in an atmosphere nice enough to bring someone you like or your parents. We really enjoy the BLT pizza, which has bacon chunks, onion, and a sweet and spicy tomato sauce. Also, we know it’s not pizza, but their chocolate cookie comes to the table all warm and gooey, so maybe save a cookie’s worth of room.

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