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Vice City Pizza is located inside Abi Maria, a very Miami-themed bar in Kendall’s Downtown Dadeland. Whether you see it as Detroit-style, Sicilian, or Cuban, Vice City has mastered the art of the thick-crust pizza. All of their creations feature a lightly fermented dough that’s just rich enough from the buttery olive oil but not greasy. It’s chewy, but not so much that you feel like a rabid dog tearing into a piece of old bread. The sturdy crust is the perfect vehicle for Miami’s approach to pizza: a ton of toppings.

A perfect example is the “Supreme” with pepperoni, homemade sausage, roasted vegetables, and Calabrian chili oil. Every bite delivers a crust with a crispy bottom and fluffy interior that balances out the intense saltiness and bold flavors of the toppings. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but besides the Supreme, we love the FunGuy that’s topped with mushroom puree, oyster mushrooms, ricotta, and a drizzle of truffle honey. Pizza isn’t the only thing they do well here, though. They also make croquetas with a combo of prosciutto, gorgonzola dolce, and mozzarella with a fig jam that we now think about while lying in bed at night. And if great pizza and croquetas aren’t enough reason to get over here, the drinks are stellar too. 

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