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The Best Miami Restaurants For Date Night

You’re better than leftover Pollo Tropical and Nicolas Cage movies on the couch. Here are the best restaurants for date night in Miami.

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Updated February 8th, 2021

Whether you’re planning your thousandth date or trying to pick a spot to meet a stranger from an app who listed their occupation as three fire emojis, we can all agree that not all restaurants are ideal for romance. Many places are too loud for someone to hear about that one time you saw a bear in North Carolina. You might be seated uncomfortably close to a party of 24 celebrating several quinceañeras. Or worse, things are too quiet and you have to listen to each other slurp pasta for 45 minutes. The good news is you won’t have to worry about any of that at these spots. And even if that stranger you swiped right on ends up being 15 years older than they claimed, at least you’ll get some great food out of it.

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Tasty Planet


$$$$ 920 71st St

Katana is one of those sushi restaurants where the plates float through the dining room on a little stream and it’s a good intro to couple teamwork if you two aren’t quite assembling Ikea furniture yet. Different color plates cost different amounts, starting at just $1.50 each, and if you see something you like, you simply just reach out and grab it. There are always a ton of people on dates here because the counter seating is most comfortable for parties of two, and since this place doesn’t take reservations and makes surprisingly good sushi, there’s usually a wait. Grab a ticket and pay attention because they’ll skip you if you don’t respond.

Cleveland Jennings

27 Restaurant

$$$$ 2727 Indian Creek Dr

The period of a relationship when your person still seems to think you’re actually cool can be stressful. It’s only a matter of time before you’re outed as the nervous weirdo you really are, but 27 is a good place to postpone the disillusion for as long as possible. This Mid-Beach spot is laid out like a house and the dining room feels more like a living room, which makes for a relaxed meal where you don’t have to worry if you’re using the wrong knife. The small plates - like the harissa brussels sprouts and rotating crudo you should always order - are good for sharing and light enough to keep you from yawning before the check comes. Order one of the more ambitious cocktails and pretend like you didn’t have to google the word “orgeat” while your date was in the bathroom.

Tasty Planet

Soya E Pomodoro

PastaItalian  in  Downtown
$$$$ 120 NE 1st St

Jazz and very good pasta should guarantee you’ll at least get a polite “Thanks for dinner!” text the next morning. But regardless, you’ll be glad you came here - if only to add this to your roster of places to bring future dates, who will appreciate this wonderful/random little Italian spot in the side of a Downtown office building enough to not ghost you. Come Thursday through Saturday for the live jazz, and order the fazzoletti di formaggio e pera, which you will, unfortunately, have to end up sharing after your date tastes this great pear and ricotta pasta.

Karli Evans


$$$$ 3540 Main Hwy

Ariete is that rare place where you can go for a special occasion meal for an important anniversary or a casual bite with an online date you’re 60% sure you’ll like. For the former, sit in the dining room and order a cheese plate, grilled oysters, and the venison. For the online date who showed up 37 minutes late, sit at the bar, get some cocktails, and see how they react when you take down a Chug burger in less than a minute.

Tasty Planet

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

$$$$ 4312 NE 2nd Ave

Miami can’t agree on a lot: speed limits, politics, or the intentions of Derek Jeter to name a few. But Mandolin might just be the one thing the entire city can get behind. It’s beautiful, consistent, and delicious, all of which make it a very safe bet for a date - even if you don’t know (or have never met) the person you’re bringing here. Make a reservation just to be safe, and absolutely sit outside. Split a grilled sea bass and avoid the heavier Greek plates that’ll have you smelling like a hunk of feta cheese and garlic that just ran a marathon.

Emily Schindler

Boia De

$$$$ 5205 NE 2nd Ave

Regardless if it’s a first or a 50th, Boia De is a great option and just a really cool little restaurant. We could go on and on about how cute the dining room here is. But, at the time of this writing, they’re running service outdoors-only, in the parking lot, so we won’t do that. Instead, let’s talk about the food. It’s a great Italian menu with things like beef tartare, potato skins topped with stracciatella and caviar, and excellent rotating pasta. Chat up your server about a bottle of wine and split a couple of scoops of their custom ice cream flavors for dessert.

Tarik Sparks

Pinch Kitchen

$$$$ 8601 Biscayne Blvd

For those dates when you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, but obviously still need to try just a little hard, go to Pinch. This Upper East Side spot is casual enough where your date won’t be scared that you’re about to propose, but the excellent whole calamar and spicy brussels sprouts will show them that you know where to find very good food, which might lead to marriage eventually - especially if you take them back for lunch or brunch when Pinch serves their fantastic burger.

Tasty Planet


$$$$ 820 Alton Rd

Not only does Macchialina make some of the best pasta in Miami, but it’s also just a really romantic place to eat a meal, especially with their new outdoor seating. They have a pretty covered patio with a noise level that won’t require you to scream “spaghetti pomodoro” at your server three times in a row. If you can, come here on Thursday for $10 pasta night. On a normal night, the cheapest pasta is $21, so the place fills up quick. Try to show up early or grab a reservation.

Emily Schindler

Vicky's House

$$$$ 3190 Commodore Plz

Sometimes - especially if this relationship is comfortably in the sweatpants stage - you want a date where you can eat enough sugar to knock out a baby elephant. Maybe it’s Sunday and you’re both tired of vegetables or maybe you two realized you literally can’t remember the last time you had a milkshake. Either way, Vicky’s House is the best dessert date in town. Once inside, sit at the kitchen counter, which looks like an ’80s kitchen with vintage appliances, aesthetically offensive wallpaper, and an original Nintendo in the corner. They serve those kinds of stoner fantasy milkshakes with donuts dangling from the straw and Twinkies jutting out of the whipped cream which will guarantee your night ends in sweatpants - just like you planned.


Seafood  in  Downtown
$$$$ 210 NE 18th St

Mignonette serves the best oysters in Miami, plus a lot more very good seafood that’s easy to share. This place is good enough to show you’re trying, but not fancy enough to make it seem like you spent a month planning. The space has floor to ceiling windows that face the sunset and a bar with a huge marquee behind it that advertises the day’s oyster specials. Start with a dozen of those and repeat as needed.

Ironside Kitchen Pizza & Coffee Co

$$$$ 7580 NE 4th Ct

If Lucali seems like too much of a mission, but you still want pizza, head to Ironside. The space is very cute, with mismatched wooden furniture and an open kitchen where you can watch the pizzas get fed into the oven. But unless it’s unbearably hot, sit outside. There’s some nice vegetation and good people watching. The menu includes everything from a few salads to lasagna, but the Neapolitan pizzas are what you should focus on. The best part about Ironside: it’s BYOB and charges no corking fee, which is rare and will make the tab a lot easier to pick up in case you’re feeling generous (or too awkward to ask if your date wants to split it).

Stubborn Seed

$$$$ 101 Washington Ave

Most special occasion places try to make you feel important by addressing you as Mr. or Ms. and folding your napkin every time you get up from the table. But Stubborn Seed’s food accomplishes that without the snobbishness. You’ll actually be able to pronounce the ingredients on the menu, but each dish will still hit your table looking super fancy - and tasting as good as it looks. Come for an anniversary, birthday, or because you both finally taught your dog its first trick. The restaurant is stylish but subdued, especially compared to the giant pink diner and bottle-service megaclub down the street. The menu changes quite a bit, but the seafood here is outstanding and the snickerdoodle cookies for dessert are even more satisfying than teaching your new corgi how to twerk.

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