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Hammond's Bakery Lauderhill review image

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Hammond's Bakery Lauderhill

Hammond's Bakery is a Jamaican bakery with locations throughout South Florida, including Lauderhill. They specialize in Jamaican patties with thin crusts and juicy fillings.

Joe's Pizza Wynwood review image

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Joe's Pizza Wynwood

Joe's Pizza is an NYC pizza institution with a Wynwood location. They serve a simple, delicious, classic New York slice.

Sobremesa review image

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Sobremesa is a wine shop and specialty market in Miami Shores. They’ll occasionally host food events too.

Asian-Mart review image

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Asian-Mart is a great little Asian market on Calle Ocho with a boba shop in the back and an instant ramen bar.

Club Típico Dominicano review image

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Club Típico Dominicano

Club Tipico Dominicano is a classic Dominican restaurant and nightclub in Allapattah. It's a party on the weekends, but a good place to sit and eat during the week.

Sexy Fish Miami review image

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Sexy Fish Miami

Sexy Fish is a restaurant so over-the-top it feels like an LSD trip. The food is mediocre, but no one comes here for the food.

Chicken House #2 review image

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Chicken House #2

Chicken House #2 in Allapattah is a Honduran restaurant specializing in pollo frito ceibeño (a.k.a. Honduran fried chicken).

Melitones By La Tortoleta review image

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Melitones By La Tortoleta

Melitones by la Tortoleta is a cottage business in Allapattah solely specializing in melitones, a hard-to-find Cuban pastry.

Miami Bakery review image

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Miami Bakery

Miami Bakery is a classic Cuban bakery in Allapattah where you can get pastelitos along with hot lunches.

Jacqueline's Fried Chicken review image

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Jacqueline's Fried Chicken

Jacqueline's Fried Chicken is a quick takeout option for Dominican-style fried chicken and tostones in Allapattah.

Chimichurri Donde El Primo review image

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Chimichurri Donde El Primo

Chimichurri Donde El Primo is an Allapattah food truck serving great chimichurri sandwiches at night.

Mexico 1810 Taqueria review image

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Mexico 1810 Taqueria

Mexico 1810 is a casual spot in Allapattah serving some of the best Mexican food in the City of Miami.

Nitin Bakery review image

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Nitin Bakery

Nitin is a classic Dominican bakery in Allapattah serving a really great selection of Dominican desserts and baked goods—both savory and sweet.

Típico Hondureño review image

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Típico Hondureño

Típico Hondureño is a good Honduran spot in Allapattah with some of the best baleadas in Miami.

Harry's Pizzeria Miami Beach review image

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Harry's Pizzeria Miami Beach

Harry’s is a casual pizza spot just off Lincoln Road. The restaurant is comfortable, and the food is good.

Hakkasan review image

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Hakkasan is an upscale Chinese restaurant in the Fontainebleau, and it's the best spot to eat inside the Miami Beach hotel.

The Gibson Room review image

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The Gibson Room

The Gibson Room is a great bar and restaurant on Coral Way with live music, dim lighting, and very good bar food.

Taco Taco Pizza Pizza review image

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Taco Taco Pizza Pizza

Taco Taco Pizza Pizza is a combination pizzeria and taqueria in Hollywood where you can get Mexican and Costa Rican toppings on a pizza.

Blind Tiger review image

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Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger is a hidden sushi bar inside Aventura's Reunion Ktchn Bar. They make excellent Japanese food with a Miami flavor.

The Den review image

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The Den

The Den is a private omakase inside South Beach's Azabu, and it justifies its steep price point by serving some of Miami's best sushi.