Mister 01

You know those nights where you just go crazy with whatever you have in your fridge? Maybe you’ve had a few drinks or ingested something else that makes you feel equal parts creative and hungry, but the next thing you know there’s a plate in front of you with some combination of cream cheese, prosciutto, and asparagus. The pizza at Mister 01 kind of feels like it was made in similar circumstances - except unlike your mutant creation, it’s actually delicious.

At least that’s how we feel about the best pizzas at Mister 01, like the star luca, which has ricotta stuffed inside a crust folded with origami precision. Or (our second favorite) the claudio, a white pizza served at room temperature with a swirl of white truffle oil. And you should definitely at least try the coffee paolo, which has mozzarella, gorgonzola, honey, coffee, and spicy salami. Even reading its description on the menu is too much for some people, but we like it.

The more standard pizzas they make are perfectly fine, but that’s not why you come to this tiny spot located in an unmarked office building near Lincoln Road. You can also ignore the salads and burrata bar. It might help you save room for the free nutella croissant they drop on the table after you eat, but also nothing is going to seem as exciting at Mister 01 as the science experiments gone horribly right that they call pizza.

Food Rundown

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photo credit: Tasty Planet

Coffee Paolo

It’s sweet and savory but also tastes like espresso. There just might not be any combination of words that can accurately convey how this thing tastes, because we’re pretty sure humans have never tried to do this before. Pizza history books will have a chapter on this thing.

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photo credit: Cleveland Jennings

Star Luca

If you’re on a desert island and you can only take one Mister 01 pizza with you, make it this. It tastes great, and then you get to the crust and it tastes amazing.

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photo credit: Cleveland Jennings


You’ve got to really be intro truffle to like this one, but if you are, you’ll love it. It’s served at room temp, so it kind of reminds us of when you wake up the next morning and there’s still pizza left out on the counter (but in the best way possible).

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