Eleventh Street Pizza is one of the best slice shops in Miami, but it’s also a perfectly fine place to sit down with a bottle of wine, a huge pie, and a slab of very good lasagna. The small Downtown restaurant, which is the result of a pandemic pivot from the Fooq’s team, serves New York-style pizza with a very tasty sourdough crust. They offer slices and whole pies, as well as thick, crispy Sicilian square pies.

Those pizzas are certainly the main event here, but Eleventh Street also makes a very good spicy caesar salad, and an excellent chicken parm. All of the above work great for takeout, but the counter service restaurant also has a few indoor tables and (weather permitting) some pretty patio seating.

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Another great thing about this place is its proximity to Downtown bars like The Corner, as well as some of Miami’s biggest clubs like Space and E11even. Just know that it’s not a late-night spot, so don’t expect to come stumbling in for a pepperoni slice at 3am.

Food Rundown

Spicy Caesar Salad

This is the kind of caesar you want from a slice joint. It’s saucy, cheesy, and actually does have a nice kick to it - but it’s not so spicy that you won’t be able to taste your pizza afterwards.

La Provencal

If an Italian garden made a wish to become a pizza, this is what you’d get. This thing is loaded with confit garlic, roasted red onions, zucchini, basil, oregano, and pepperoncinis. The one downside of all these toppings is that the center of the pie can get a little soggy. One way to avoid that: order it as a Sicilian square pie. The thicker crust stands up to the toppings better.

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This pizza will not disappoint pepperoni enthusiasts. It’s covered in lots of cupped pepperonis and shaved parm. But the best thing about it might be the Calabrian chili paste and hot honey drizzled over each slice, which creates a really nice lingering heat.

Eleventh Street Pizza review image

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