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One of the best feelings in the world is that moment you walk into a bakery, at least if you’re the kind of person who reacts to the word “bread” the way a dog reacts to the word “walk.” The air smells like the inside of a baguette and it’s completely acceptable to stare into the display case like a cat watching goldfish swim around in a tank. The places on this guide range from Brazilian bakeries serving incredible pastels to Haitian bakeries selling delicious patties—but they’re all worth a trip next time you want that bakery feeling.





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Zak The Baker is a kosher bakery, and one of those places that we write about so much it’s getting hard to find new things to say about this Wynwood classic. So just trust us when we say that everything here is amazing. The babka, various sandwiches, bagels, cookies—it’s all worth accidentally driving through a music video while looking for parking in Wynwood. Crowds can be intense during tourist season, but we've never had to wait much longer than 30 minutes for a table.

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At the very literally named Baker and Barista, you will be served by a baker and a barista, who are both very good at their jobs. The coffee here—Italian drinks like cappuccino and shakerato—is great. And the baked goods are excellent too. Options rotate often, but if you see the sourdough cinnamon roll, point to it like you just found Waldo on a particularly difficult page. Come early for sweet pastries like apple galette, or closer to noon when the sourdough sandwiches and Roman-style pizza occupy the counter. Just don’t plan on working at the small cafe. There’s no wifi, and the food’s too good to concentrate on anything else anyway. 

photo credit: Cleveland Jennings


If you have to pick between the Caracas Doral and MiMo location, go with MiMo. Because this Caracas outpost feels more like a proper cafe, with an expanded menu, sleek dining room, and the same great cachitos. The new stuff on Caracas MiMo's menu includes sandwiches like an excellent BEC on a sweet potato bun, a crispy broccoli and cheese sandwich, jambon beurre, and mushroom toast. It works well for any and all laidback breakfasts, brunches, or lunch plans. You can also come here alone with a laptop to get some work done, and by “get some work done” we mean “eat several cachitos.” 

This former pandemic pop-up made the transition to a small shop in Little River, but one thing hasn’t changed: they’re still making some of the most delicious baked goods in Miami. Just know that Oori doesn't do walk-ins—you have to order a couple days in advance online for pick-up. But it's worth the effort. Options range from sweet to savory. The black sesame cinnamon rolls and phenomenal black sesame shortbread cookies are great choices if you’re in a dessert mood. If you’re not looking for sugar, go for the charcoal everything rolls and what has to be Miami’s best shokupan.

If you are in dire need of dessert—and a lot of it—then go to Cindy Lou's. The Little River dessert shop is known for its huge and wonderful cookies. We like them a lot—especially the one with Snickers and potato chips. But some of the best things here aren't cookies. The rotating selection of pies are excellent and the fudgy brownie has a crispy top layer of Rice Krispies. There are a couple seats in the small storefront, but this is mostly a to-go operation—which is good because whatever you order here will make you produce noises no stranger should hear.

Of all the Haitian bakeries in Miami, this place stands out for its amazing Haitian-style bread and savory pate. You’ll regularly see the overflow of customers forming a line in the parking lot because the bakery can only accommodate about two people at a time. They seem to constantly have fresh loaves of dense, rich Haitian bread coming out of the oven, and it’s hard to not tear into the warm loaf while walking back to your car. Their beef pates, however, are the real draw. The thin puff pastry is so fragile that it comes apart in delicate shards as soon as you go in for a bite.

Flour & Weirdoughs is an excellent bakery home to some interesting creations, like a brisket croissant and a cinnamon roll big enough to use as a flotation device. The rest of the bakery is full of more pleasant surprises, like guava and cheese babka and a great pan con lechón. They also make all kinds of specialty bread, including a cacio e pepe sourdough loaf. This place is definitely an essential stop to pick up picnic supplies before your next Key Biscayne beach day. But if you miss them during the day, know that they also operate a lovely wine bar next door with some of Miami's best pizza.

True Loaf is a South Beach bakery that’s a reliable place for some great pastries, including one of the best almond croissants in town. They also sell sandwiches, which are good, but we come here for their sweet pastries. There’s that massive and delicious almond croissant, but also great fruit tarts as well as a dulce de leche monkey bread. This place can get crowded on the weekends, and there’s not much seating, but there’s also a lovely little waterfront park with picnic benches (Maurice Gibb Memorial Park) just a block away.

Piononos is a Key Biscayne bakery where there’s almost always a line out the door. And, as far as we can tell, that line is mostly because this place makes a pavlova the way Prince ripped a guitar solo: flawlessly. If you come here and don’t leave with at least one slice of that pavlova, you have erred. It’s made from thinly sliced strawberries, dulce de leche, whipped cream, and a walnut meringue that melts in your mouth. So order one, please. But also don’t ignore other good things here, like their titular pionono, a sponge cake rolled with dulce de leche. Or, their chocolate volcano pound cake with a ganache center.

Majestic specializes in Portuguese baked goods. But this casual spot is also a Portuguese-by-way-of-Venezuela bakery, so you can also find great Venezuelan things, like some of Miami’s best cachitos. But there is one thing you absolutely get at this Coral Way bakery: the pastel de nata. Majestic Portuguese Bakehouse does an excellent job with the famous pastry. It’s creamy and flaky, with little charred spots along the top. You’ll probably want to get at least two—unless you also want to get one of the big sandwiches they make here. If that's the case, save room.

DBakers is a tiny bakery in Edgewater that makes desserts that are perfect for bringing to a party or inhaling on the couch in the company of your cat. This takeout spot has some really pretty cakes, decorated with all sorts of colorful sprinkles and icing. But if you're just getting a few things to eat at home, focus on the cookies, pastries, and pies. They make cream puffs the size of water balloons, really good cookies big enough to share with someone, and also one of our favorite key lime pie slices in town, which comes with a towering layer of meringue that’s bigger than the pie itself.

Taste Rite is a Jamaican bakery that has five different locations scattered around Miami and South Florida. They make one of our favorite Jamaican patties in the city, as well as fluffy coco bread, hard dough bread, gizzadas, and more. But the patties should be your focus. They come in nine different versions including lobster, shrimp, ackee, and beef.

We're typically nervous to try restaurants with names from Billy Joel lyrics, but Mamma Leone’s is proof that a great restaurant and a Joel lyric aren’t mutually exclusive. There’s lots of good things to eat at this Italian Edgewater bakery (they have a Little River location now too), like prosciutto paninis with warm bread, stuffed focaccia, and Italian donuts filled with Nutella. Now you can feel free to open up a barbecue place called We Didn’t Start The Fire.

Here’s how a visit to Sweet Delights Key Lime Pies goes: you walk into a small storefront and are greeted by baker/literal angel Debra Allen. After welcoming you, she conducts a brief interrogation about your pie interests, then returns with a big tray of samples—like banana key lime, guava key lime, mamey key lime, and coconut key lime. There are about a dozen more options, and they’re all, in our opinion, the best key lime pies in the state of Florida, which is why we're including this place even though it’s in Florida City. Sweet Delights is an essential stop for anyone who’s even remotely into key lime pie or just wants to hang out with Miss Debbie.

Breadman is one of the best Cuban bakeries in Miami, and that’s saying something considering how many Cuban bakeries there are in Miami. They have locations in Hialeah and Westchester, and they make excellent versions of classics like croquetas, pastelitos, and Cuban bread. They also invented the croqueta cake, which, depending on your personal preferences, is either a brilliant or terrifying idea. We've never had one, but we also wouldn’t be mad if someone got it for our birthday.

La Parisienne is a French bakery in a big warehouse in North Miami. It’s a pretty neat space, especially if you enjoy watching professional bakers in action. The narrow dining room has big windows on both sides that give a great view of the bakers kneading, scoring, and rolling. The best part, though, is that you get to eat the result of all that kneading, scoring, and rolling, which is some really great French bread. Stop by and pick up a baguette to-go, or come for a quiet lunch and eat a simple, excellent ham and butter sandwich.

If you are in Coral Gables and in the mood for bread in any form, get in the car and drive to Madruga Bakery. There isn’t necessarily a specialty here. It’s one of those places that just does everything deliciously, and you should leave with at least three things you didn’t plan on ordering. Those things could include a guava and cheese danish, ham and cheese croissant, or a couple of onion poppy seed rolls.

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