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The River North Guide

There’s a lot going on in this neighborhood, and deciding on a restaurant can be tough. This is where you should be eating.

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River North is a perplexing place: You love it. You hate it. The restaurants are great. The restaurants are annoying. It’s great for people-watching. Oh my god, these people are the worst.

This is the roller coaster of emotions you’ll experience whenever you find yourself in the neighborhood. But there’s an easy way to deal with it: Know exactly what you’re looking to get out of your meal, and choose a restaurant accordingly. Whether you’re with friends and family, potential significant others, or work people, picking a place with the right ambience is key. From over-the-top steakhouses to quality hot dog spots, here are the restaurants we keep going back to in River North.

The Spots

Bavette's Bar and Boeuf

$$$$ 218 W. Kinzie St.

Bavette’s is another steakhouse, but it’s a Brendan Sodikoff (of Au Cheval, Gilt Bar, and Green Street Smoked Meats) production, which means there’s something above-average about it. It’s like the kid in high school who wore cool clothes, listened to The Smiths, and smoked menthol cigarettes. The large leather booths and 1920s jazz music make it feel different from your traditional Chicago steakhouse, as does the fact that you can come here, not order a steak (entrees like the mushroom stroganoff and the pork chop are impressive), and still have a fantastic meal.

Originally from Miami, Joe’s has officially become a Chicago classic, too. This location does a great job of incorporating its signature stone crabs with an otherwise traditional steakhouse menu. You’ll find all the steakhouse sides you’d expect (there’s a whole section devoted to potatoes and plenty of creamed spinach), along with seasonal fish and shellfish. Joe’s proves there’s no better way to do surf and turf than steak and stone crabs.

Chicago Cut Steakhouse

$$$$ 300 N. LaSalle Dr.

Eating here feels like a corporate outing, probably because it’s at the bottom of an office building that houses prestigious corporations and successful people in power suits. But the food is top notch, even if it costs a small fortune. It’s also a safe bet for celebrity spottings in Chicago, in case you’re wondering how Charles Barkley likes his steak cooked.


JapaneseFusionSushi  in  River North
$$$$ 110 W Illinois St

You either love Sunda or find it obnoxious, because - late at night or on the weekends, at least - it’s pretty-people overload. And we respect both sides of that argument. Sunda is basically one giant scene, but we stand firm in our belief that it also serves great Asian-fusion food. From the duck fried rice to the pork buns to the sushi (especially the rolls), it won’t disappoint.

RPM Steak

$$$$ 66 W Kinzie St

Damn you, Giuliana and Bill Rancic. On the surface your steakhouse looks like everything we expect in a mediocre River North restaurant - giant booths, crowded, and a total scene. But the food and service are excellent. Touché.

Frontera Grill

$$$$ 445 N Clark St

Frontera is Rick Bayless’ flagship restaurant. It’s not quite as fancy as Topolobampo (this is not a tasting-menu spot), so it’s a good option when you don’t want to go all out - but it still does things like guacamole, tacos, and moles exceptionally well. Also, it’s important to know that Rick Bayless can kill two stones with one bird.


$$$$ 100 W. Ontario St.

Portillo’s can do no wrong. This is our go-to spot in River North for hot dogs, Italian beefs, and cheese fries. Don’t skip the chocolate cake shake.

Christina Slaton

Big & Little's

$$$$ 860 N Orleans St

If you’re into fancy fast food, you’ll really like Big & Little’s. The menu has all kinds of things that might not sound like they belong in the same kitchen, and we’ll warn you up front that you may feel like Guy Fieri is going to pop out at any moment. But somehow this restaurant, where you can get giant soft shell crab po’boys, sushi grade ahi tuna tacos, and/or foie gras topped fries, pulls it all off, handling the ingredients in those dishes better than many of the “nicer” places in town. It’s one of our favorite spots around, casual or otherwise.


$$$$ 118 W Grand Ave

Tanta is a breath of fresh air in the River North dining scene. The Peruvian menu is large and interesting, with sections devoted to ceviche and skewers as well as mains. The best strategy is to come with a group so you can try as much food as possible, and make sure that you order the aeropuerto (pork fried rice).

Sandy Noto


$$$$ 63 W Grand Ave

Like its sister restaurant, Ramen-san, Sushi-san has wooden tables, loud rap music, and a menu with a mix of traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes. Sure, this place has a poop emoji instead of a bathroom sign, but the sushi here is no joke - it’s really good. Sushi-san is also both reasonably affordable for the neighborhood, and a fun spot for a group dinner.

Good Measure

$$$$ 226 W Chicago Ave

Good Measure has the atmosphere of a funky dive, plus an interesting menu of great food ranging from Nashville hot fried duck livers to sunflower hummus. Everything is thoughtfully plated, and not at all what you might expect to be eating in a bar where the main design elements are rockabilly skeletons and neon red lights. The cocktail list is well-rounded and also affordable, with drinks priced around $12. Stop here after work when you want a low-key hangout in the neighborhood.

Shaw's Crab House

$$$$ 21 E. Hubbard St.

Shaw’s has all things seafood in a refined dining room. It’s a great place to come with the family and have a comfortable, upscale meal. You can’t go wrong with any of the fish or crab dishes, but the more casual oyster bar is also a great option - go heavy enough on the oysters and appetizers there and you can skip entrees altogether, if you prefer.


$$$$ 660 N State St

Portsmith is a seafood-focused restaurant in the Dana Hotel, and it has one of those menus that seems a little all over the place the first time you look at it. (You’ll find everything from a foie gras and donut appetizer to a cacio e pepe with uni butter.) The space is also a bit awkward, with tiny two-tops that barely fit more than one dish. The good news is that the food really is good. So good, in fact, that we suggest brushing up on your Tetris skills and trying as much as you can.


$$$$ 660 N Orleans St

Bernie’s continues to impress us. This place is cool and lively without being super obnoxious, and it really does have great food - from the hummus to the cherry brined chicken to a burger that’s ideal for eating at the bar. Add in one of the best rooftops around, and Bernie’s is a dark horse in the competitive River North dining scene.

Sandy Noto

Roka Akor

$$$$ 456 North Clark Street

Chain restaurants aren’t our first choice when we’re eating downtown, but Roka Akor (which has locations all over the US) is an exception. It serves upscale Japanese food like sushi and steaks, plus some interesting fusion dishes. It’s expensive, but feels worth it - and it’s not quite as much of a scene as other spots nearby.

The Purple Pig

$$$$ 500 N Michigan Ave

The Purple Pig is located just off Michigan Avenue (so it’s full of tourists), and it doesn’t take reservations - two reasons it’s often overlooked. But ignoring this place is a mistake. Even though it’s been around for a while, the food here is still excellent. The most impressive part is that a menu this big has zero weak links, even with a wide array of dishes, from crispy pigs’ ears to Greek taramasalata to a giant confit turkey leg. Always try for a bar seat - they’re the best in the house.

RPM Italian

$$$$ 52 W Illinois St

The Rancics are back again. Everything we said about RPM Steak holds true for their Italian restaurant, too. It’s the opposite of laid-back, but it’s a fantastic choice if you’re craving delicious pastas and don’t mind seeing and/or being seen. The bucatini here is some of the best in Chicago.

3 Greens Market

$$$$ 354 W Hubbard St

3 Greens Market is basically a superhero in restaurant form. It’s a coffee shop where you can hang and work all day, there are both hot and cold food bars (that are actually good), they serve delicious Small Cheval burgers, and it becomes a bar and hangout place at night. We wish we were good at that many things.

Bar Sótano

$$$$ 445 N Clark St

There’s a phenomenon that occurs in Chicago - one where city blocks slowly get taken over by a series of restaurants all owned by the same people. This is the case with Frontera Grill, Xoco, and Topolobampo, which are all right next door to each other on Clark Street. And now the alleys aren’t safe either, thanks to Bar Sotano, a cocktail bar right behind all those spots. Luckily, the Mexican food here is great. The menu has a mix of bar snacks (like habanero-glazed fried chicken bites), plus entrees like a burger and a wagyu steak with pureed sunchoke. So it’s definitely improving the alley.


$$$$ 534 N Clark St

Upscale establishments have fallen by the wayside in River North, where it seems like every new spot is a scene, but Brindille - a classic French restaurant on a street that’s otherwise full of tourists and clubby bars - doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. We forgive them, because they definitely pull it off. The food is exceptional and very expensive, so this place isn’t for everyone. But it’s good if you’re looking for a fine dining experience.


$$$$ 445 N. Clark St.

Rick Bayless is such a famous Chicago chef that he has his own urban legends: When Rick Bayless chops onions, the onions cry. Rick Bayless can put a kitchen fire out with gasoline. If it looks like chicken, tastes like chicken, and feels like chicken, but Rick Bayless says it’s beef, then it’s beef. You get the point. Topolobampo is Rick’s Mexican restaurant that serves three different seasonal tasting menus (starting at $95 and going to $140), and the food is so good, it will remind you why he has his own holiday - OK, we made that up.

Gene & Georgetti

$$$$ 500 N Franklin St

We’ll stand by this classic Italian steakhouse even if there are mumblings that it gets by on reputation alone. The spot doesn’t have the ritz and glamour of some of the other places on this list, but it’s quintessential old-school Chicago and we love it for that. Split the traditional items like steak, sausage and peppers, and spaghetti with meatballs.

Gilt Bar

$$$$ 230 W Kinzie St

Gilt Bar is a dark restaurant that feels a little like a speakeasy and is great for dates. It’s particularly great for holing up in the winter with heavy favorites like tenderloin steak tartare, truffle pasta, and pork belly. You’ll forget about everything going on outside when you’re deep in the bone marrow at Gilt Bar.


$$$$ 449 N Clark St

The Rick Bayless River North empire ends here, and Xoco is the most casual and convenient of the bunch. Xoco is all about Mexican street food - pop in for a quick torta, or a hot soup in the colder months. Also, Rick Bayless can squeeze orange juice out of a lemon.

Parlor Pizza Bar

$$$$ 405 N Dearborn

The original Parlor Pizza in the West Loop is surprisingly club-like for a pizza place, so it’s not surprising that the one in River North has the same kind of upbeat atmosphere. Also like the original, this one is huge, with a nearly-identical menu of wood-fired pizzas, salads, and bar snacks. The pizzas are solid (the “bee sting” with hot honey and ’nduja is really good), and there’s a big bar in the center of the restaurant that’s perfect for watching sports.

GT Fish & Oyster

$$$$ 531 N Wells St

If you’re looking for a heavy dose of seafood but don’t want to spend a fortune at a fancy spot, GT Fish & Oyster is here for you. The menu is meant for sharing, which means it’s a great spot for date night or small group dinners with people who are into fresh oysters, po’ boy sliders, octopus, and mussels.

Siena Tavern

Siena Tavern

$$$$ 51 W Kinzie St

All of the Italian food at this popular River North spot is good. That being said, you should make sure you order at least one pasta, and one of their creative pizzas (all of which can be ordered half and half), like the pear and prosciutto or the roasted brussels sprouts with sausage.


$$$$ 519 N Clark St

Disclaimer: Beatrix could easily be categorized as both casual and trendy. It’s casual in the mornings for a cup of coffee and a baked good, any day of the week for lunch, or on weekends for a great brunch. But it’s also a trendy spot for dinner, especially since the menu includes a lot of health-conscious ingredients like quinoa and kale. Overall, it makes for a versatile, quality restaurant.

Facebook/GT Prime

GT Prime

$$$$ 707 N Wells St

The last thing Chicago needs is another steakhouse, right? Wrong. The GT Fish & Oyster crew decided to get into the red meat game, and we’re not complaining, because GT Prime isn’t the usual hunk of meat and side of potatoes steakhouse. Instead, the menu is filled out with a lot of other small plates, and if you want, you can order the steak in sliced 4oz or 8oz portions. It’s a great dynamic for sharing, especially when a steakhouse sounds good but you’re not trying to eat a whole cow by yourself.


$$$$ 74 W. Illinois St.

Ema feels like a Mediterranean Beatrix, probably because it’s owned by the same people and is right next door. You can keep it simple with basics like hummus and kefta, or order some of the more interesting dishes like sweet corn and bulgar risotto or braised lamb shoulder with dates and cherries. Whatever you do, make sure you order extra housemade pita - it’s excellent.

Shake Shack

$$$$ 66 E Ohio St

The Shake Shack burger has grown on us, a lot. We’ve reached the point where a Shack burger, cheese fries, and a shake is pretty much an irresistible combination - not to mention the curveball in our lives that is their chicken sandwich. Don’t get a hot dog, though. This is still Chicago, and there are much better versions around.

Sandy Noto

Centennial Crafted Beer & Eatery

$$$$ 733 N La Salle Dr

So you need a place for food and lots of alcohol, but feel like you only have two choices in River North: an expensive Big Night Out at a place like Chicago Cut, or a sceney sh*tshow with complicated cocktails that take an hour to make. Don’t worry - there’s also Centennial, a low-key place where you’ll feel like you’re eating in the hull of an old ship, if old ship hulls had great craft beer selections and interesting bar food. Many dishes here have an Indian twist, like the pulled chicken sandwich with curry and yogurt, but you’ll also find a great standard burger and mac and cheese. The space doesn’t get too busy, so you can eat at the bar and still leave feeling relaxed.


$$$$ 626 N State St

If you haven’t been to a birthday or big group dinner for one of your friends at Quartino yet, odds are you’re new to town. Quartino serves Italian small plates – and you can dabble in everything, including pizza, pasta, salads, and meats, and make it as filling or snack-like an outing as you please. It’s great for any occasion, and usually easy to get a same-day reservation, even for a larger group.

Sandy Noto

The Smith

$$$$ 400 N Clark St

The Smith is a mini-chain based out of New York, and this is the kind of utility place designed to appeal to the largest amount of people possible. You’ll find a range of options like burgers, salads, pizza, pastas, fried chicken, bibimbap, steak, and mac and cheese. The food isn’t going to blow anyone away, but it won’t make anyone angry, either. You can almost always get a table, and there’s a large bar area in case one of the people you’re trying to please tends to order wine as their lunch.

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