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Every time we think we’re done writing steakhouse reviews, there’s another one on the radar. It would make sense if some steakhouses closed down and others stepped in to fill the void, but that’s not the case. There are just more of them. It’s ridiculous. So once again, we’re reviewing a steakhouse. Sort of. GT Prime, the River North steakhouse sibling to its seafood counterpart GT Fish & Oyster - is kind of a pseudo-steakhouse.

GT Prime feels like a Chicago steakhouse - there are big booths, big menus, and yes, steak. But the food is a bit different. When you think Chicago steakhouse, you probably imagine big ol’ slabs of meat, hopefully cooked on the bone, with sides of mac & cheese, potatoes, and creamed spinach. At GT Prime, there are no giant ribeyes that bleed on your plate. Instead, all of the meats are served in small, carefully sliced four or eight ounce portions with a side of fancy salts to sprinkle on top. If that were the whole menu, we might not be sold on GT Prime. But fortunately there’s more to it.

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There’s also a very good and quite extensive menu outside of steak, and this is actually where we like to direct our attention when eating here. You’ll find a few typical appetizers like beef carpaccio or crab and avocado, but the food takes a very non-steakhouse turn from there, with interesting vegetable dishes like jumbo white asparagus with duck egg and truffle or an excellent mushroom and brie combo. Plus, there’s a whole hot plate section with things like arancini, short rib tortellini, rabbit leg confit, and more. And if you want to pull the veteran move, sit at the bar for GT’s great burger and some drinks alongside a friend or a date.

We suggest coming here when you want steakhouse vibes but not necessarily a steakhouse meal. Think of it as a trendy River North restaurant modeled off a steakhouse and with more food options. Definitely get some meat so you have a little on your table, but don’t make it the focus of dinner here. It’s why GT Prime is the steakhouse that’s not really a steakhouse, but it’s also why GT Prime works. Plan accordingly.

Food Rundown

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Beef Tartare

Classic preparation with mustard seed and an egg yolk. The malt vinegar chips are great too. Good appetizer.

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Crab Avocado

One of the prettiest crab & avocado appetizers we’ve ever seen, but it also tastes great. There’s a respectable amount of crab and the dotted mango and red bell peppers sauces around the plate add a sweet and savory touch.

Jumbo White Asparagus

Large asparagus with a dug egg, black truffle jus, and parmesan. Not healthy. Tastes great.

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Brie & Mushroom

Imagine the fancy restaurant version of a homemade baked brie. The mushrooms are perfect with it and the honeycomb adds the right amount of sweetness.

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As mentioned, all of the meats come in four or eight ounce sliced portions, and we wouldn’t go heavy on the meat. If you want a giant steak, go somewhere else. We like to get four to six ounces per person and order a bunch of other things.

Mortadella Arancini

Fancy fried rice balls with mortadella. Never a bad idea to order fried things.

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Veal Cheek

Really tender veal with some creamy lemon grits. A heavier hot dish.

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The Burger

A really good and fancy style burger with sun-dried tomato, onion-marmalade, porcini dust, and cheese. Sit at the bar for a burger a drinks.

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