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RPM Steak

Hours:FRIDAY11:00AM to 1:00AM

We were prepared to hate RPM. The idea that some fauxlebrities (an Apprentice winner and E! News anchor) were going to open a restaurant, much less a steakhouse in Chicago, made us cringe. And then there’d be the predictable setup, the weeks it’d take to get a reservation, the fact that it’d be full of River North all-stars, and that it would be expensive. But somehow, someway, RPM Steak did it. They crushed the high-end steakhouse in a city already filled with all of the meats.

Once you mentally move past the hype, you can appreciate RPM Steak for what it really is – a classic Chicago Steakhouse. The space is trendy, with mahogany walls, giant leather booths, and the moodiest of lighting. Service is impeccable, with white-jacketed servers who are always ready with a helpful food and wine recommendation.

The menu is large, but it’s organized well so you never feel lost. Of course, make sure to pick from one of their 15 different cuts of steak, but don’t pass up the rest of the menu. Everything from the parker house rolls to the coal-roasted crab to the flash-fried Brussels sprouts will be delicious. Your stomach will thank you.

Food Rundown

Big Eye Tuna Sashimi

Delectable little bites of tuna. Quality tuna is enhanced by slightly sweet black garlic and ponzu sauce.

RPM Steak review image

Bone-In Ribeye

We’d be remiss not to review a ribeye at a steakhouse. Delicately charred with just enough seasoning, the focal item does not disappoint. This steak will impress even the most discerning carnivores.

RPM Steak review image

Wagyu Beef

At $85 for five ounces, this micro steak delivers on its hefty price tag.

RPM Steak review image

Baked Alaska

This dessert, which your waiter will flambé tableside, is how you’ll want to end your night.

RPM Steak review image

Bibb & Avocado Salad

On a menu of hits, this is the rare miss. We wanted something light and green to accompany the gluttony, but this didn’t hit the spot. Bland, flavorless, and overall lacking. Skip it and opt for the Wedge or Shredded Kale Instead.

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