Chicago Cut Steakhouse

Every successful steakhouse in Chicago has an identity. Gene & Georgetti? It’s the old-school Italian steakhouse where you should also get a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Gibsons? A straightforward classic with towering desserts.

Chicago Cut is the steakhouse you visit for a Power Meal. A Power Meal could mean a few things, including a corporate dinner, special occasion, or even a big Saturday night out because you haven’t had one in a while. And Chicago Cut is ideal for Power Meals, because in a city full of fancy and expensive steakhouses, it's the most formal and expensive of the bunch. If you come expecting this, and are ready to spend on a serious meal, you’ll have a great time.

Chicago Cut is particularly suited to Power Meals when you take into account where it’s located, right on the river at the base of an office building home to a top-level consulting company, a prestigious law firm where people get paid more than you, and Governor Rauner’s private equity firm. These businesses make Chicago Cut a go-to spot for corporate cards, but know that it also gets a steady stream of locals and regular people looking for a steakhouse Power Meal in River North.

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The food is classic Chicago steakhouse. Start with shrimp cocktails or the lobstercargot, throw in a caesar salad to cleanse the palate, and go in on a steak and sides. You have your choice of everything from a petite filet to a massive double-cut porterhouse. And while Chicago Cut is expensive, it’s not pretentious, so feel free sit back and relax. It’s fun in here, and a huge dining room with high ceilings and large glass windows overlooking the river help keep it lively and loud.

Is Chicago Cut the right steakhouse for you? If you’re looking for a Power Meal, then Chicago Cut is excellent and the perfect spot. And if somebody else is paying for dinner, may we suggest a $135 porterhouse steak?

Food Rundown

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Like escargot, but with lobster. Maine poached lobster tail pieces cooked in garlic butter with melted havarti cheese and crostinis. One of our favorite appetizers anywhere.

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Crab & Avocado

Crab and avocado go together like Bert and Ernie. Great starter.

Caesar Salad

Need a little greens? Keep it simple with the caesar before you get into the good stuff.

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Filet Mignon

If you’re a filet person, then by all means get a filet. Decide on a 6, 8, or 10 ounce portion.

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Bone-In NY Strip

Filets are good, but we always want our steak cooked with a bone. Our two favorites here are the bone-in ribeye and NY strip. Go for the ridiculous double cuts if you really want to get wild.

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Steakhouse sides are always great, and that’s no exception here. More than anything, we’d like to say thanks to whoever decided mac & cheese pairs well with steak. Please let us shake your hand.

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Ask about the specials. This is the kind of place you should order dessert just to put an exclamation point on your meal.

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