RPM Seafood

At this point, RPM (of Steak and Italian fame) is synonymous with consistent food, excellent service, and giant booths. RPM Seafood rounds out the trifecta, checking all the boxes for a fun dinner. This popular River North spot has a lot going for it: a glittery dressed-up crowd, a playlist full of club mixes, and a space that feels like a shipping magnate’s yacht. And much like an upscale boat party, you’ll see a steady parade of seafood towers. But the dishes that really stand out crank the dial on flavor—like the smoky and spicy charcoal-grilled black bass or the surprisingly delicate red curry lobster. For people who just want their fish to taste like fish, the simply prepared salmon or branzino are good choices, too. Besides the food, the biggest draw of RPM Seafood might be the large riverfront patio. Go for a golden hour dinner, and watch as the sunset reflected in the water and glassy high rises turns into a twinkly backdrop.

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