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Fia Steak review image

LA Review

Fia Steak

Fia Steak in Santa Monica is an upscale, slightly ridiculous—but delicious—restaurant.

Kinn review image

LA Review


Kinn is a great Korean tasting menu spot that’s laid-back, but ideal for a special occasion experience in Koreatown.

Sesame  review image

LA Review


Sesame in Chinatown is super-cute mini mart specializing in Asian home goods.

Golden Dragon Restaurant review image

LA Review

Golden Dragon Restaurant

Chinatown's Golden Dragon Restaurant is a Cantonese spot that's as opulent as it gets.

Hop Li Seafood Restaurant review image

LA Review

Hop Li Seafood Restaurant

Hop Li is a total Chinatown classic, a place where families, big groups, and big groups of families have been coming for over 30 years.

Damian review image

LA Review


Damian is a big, shiny restaurant in the Arts District that serves excellent Mexican food with an ambiance we wish was sold by the bottle.