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The West Hollywood Lunch Guide

PHOTO: Jakob Layman

When it comes to lunchtime options in West Hollywood, the neighborhood is actually pretty stacked. When it comes to lunchtime options that won’t end with you looking down at a wet salad topped with shredded cheddar, your options become a bit more slim. But your lunch hour is far too crucial to default to bowls of romaine lettuce. From udon to house-made deli sandwiches to some of the best sushi in the city, these 16 spots will guarantee your Weho lunch hour will never be sad again - at least when it comes to food.



West Hollywood
640 N Robertson Blvd

There are lots of things on the lunch menu at Hedley’s, but we’ll save you the effort - just get the crispy kale salad. It’s full of healthy things like lettuce and carrot and tofu and kale, but they also fry the sh*t out of the kale so it’s actually delicious. If you’ve reached your green lunch quota for the week, the turkey meatballs are an excellent option too. Call in for the world’s fastest takeout situation, or grab a spot on the sunny front patio when you need to not be in the office anymore.

Photo: Jakob Layman

Sushi Fumi

West Hollywood
359 N LA Cienega Blvd

We’re not trying to hide it - we put Sushi Fumi on a lot of our guides. But it’s not our fault that it’s perfect for many situations or that its raw fish continues to be among the best you’ll get in Los Angeles. And when it comes to your lunchtime sushi run, Fumi is king. They have a $15 sushi lunch combo that’ll get you a piece of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, and a California roll, but the prices at Fumi are so good regardless, we just recommend heading to the bar and calling your own shots off the daily menu.

Photo: Holly Liss


West Hollywood
8764 Melrose Ave

Lunch meetings are kind of the worst - you’re sacrificing your lunch hour to do more work, and you’re strategically ordering to make sure you don’t end up with burger all over your hands. But if you have to have one, have it at Cecconi’s. The midday crowd here is evenly split between agents hashing out deals and people with lots of money but no job to speak of, so there’s plenty of built-in entertainment. Obviously, there are plenty of salads, but if you feel like being the only person here actually eating carbs, throw down on the lobster spaghetti. You’re not paying anyway.


The office already did sushi once this week, but deep down you’re still craving seafood and wondering if mercury poisoning is real. Make moves to Cape Seafood, the tiny fish market from the Providence people that has the freshest seafood you’ll find not on the coast. Come lunchtime, the trick is to take full advantage of their daily chalkboard menu. Whether it be a tuna melt or a lobster roll or some of the best lox in LA, Cape Seafood’s to-go options are fast, delicious, and well-priced.


We can hear you rolling your eyes through the computer screen, but you can’t mention lunch in the West Hollywood area without mentioning Joan’s. This place was a social media scene before we even knew what social media was, but despite the people gathering content for their feeds, we’ll keep coming back again and again. Place your order at any of the counters inside (the Chinese Chicken Salad is the obvious move, but you can’t go wrong with any of the sandwiches either), hover for a seat on the sidewalk, play celebrity bingo, and save room for cake. This place is a classic for a reason.



Beverly Hills / West Hollywood
408 N La Cienega Blvd

Attention LA restaurant decision-makers: we don’t need any more ramen places. But udon? Bring it on. And when the places are as good as Kochi, we’ll never have enough. This small, casual spot on La Cienega popped up out of nowhere recently and brought with it the best udon you can get outside of Little Tokyo. The couple running the joint are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, prices are affordable, and they’ll get you in and out in under 40 minutes. Their mentai cream udon (basically super creamy, delicious udon) with red caviar is a thing of beauty.

Photo: Jakob Layman

Eggs at lunchtime is underrated, and no one does it better than Australians. Specifically, the Australians behind Paramount Coffee Project on Fairfax. Go for The Paramount (a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin), avocado toast (add the egg), or if you insist on lunch-related things, the crispy-chicken sandwich. Take coffees back for the rest of the office, and they’ll forget that you disappeared for an hour and a half lunch.

Photo: Holly Liss

Sack Sandwiches

West Hollywood
8369 Melrose Ave. #107

When we’re talking sandwiches in West Hollywood (ok, fine, one block outside the city line), there’s Sack Sandwiches, and then there’s everyone else. The good news is the line here has calmed down significantly since they opened, so the time between ordering your fried chicken sandwich and it making its way to your mouth is much shorter these days. Note: these are kind of small sandwiches, so you might want to get two. Mix things up and get the chorizo, egg, and cheese.

Photo: Benji Dell

Croft Alley could have easily ended up being the worst: it’s a cutesy space adjacent to Melrose Place (which means it’s always full of “influencers”), and the menu includes a brown rice coconut risotto and house made yogurt with chlorophyll. But somehow, this place is actually great. That yogurt is delicious, the vermicelli salad is filling, and the cauliflower grilled cheese never lets us down. Except when we meant to order the salad.

Photo: Benji Dell


West Hollywood
8711 Santa Monica Blvd

Just because Sushi Fumi has great sushi doesn’t mean other Weho sushi spots aren’t worth your time. Case in point: Jinpachi. The space is calm and serene and for $22, their lunch sushi special gets you eight cuts of any fish you want, plus a roll. Considering how high-quality Jinpachi’s sushi is, you aren’t going to find a much better deal in the area.

Photo: Jakob Layman


West Hollywood
8719 Santa Monica Blvd

Any time you get this deep into West Hollywood, any mention of sandwiches or bread in general is likely to be met with audible gasps and people sprinting in opposing directions. So let them have their meltdown, and then make your way to BCN, the mellow Spanish sandwich shop specializing in the bikini. Not the swimsuit you’re worried about pulling off this summer - the super-thin sandwich popular amongst drunk people in Barcelona. The jamon bikini (with truffled mushroom and manchego cheese) is our favorite, but it’s tough to go wrong with anything here. And that includes the patatas bravas and the gambas a la plancha. Aka shrimp.


Irv's Burgers

West Hollywood
7998 Santa Monica Blvd

You’re three hours behind on a project, and Rick won’t shut up about his triathlon this weekend. You need something quick, but also something that will cure your unending anxiety. Irv’s Burgers is your answer. The 65-year-old burger joint on Santa Monica Blvd. recently moved from their original digs, but the quality at this order-at-the-counter spot hasn’t budged. This is still your no-frills double cheeseburger and at $3.10, it’s basically free.

Photo: Holly Liss

Fresh Corn Grill

West Hollywood
8714 Santa Monica Blvd

If you want a salad, but your work wife needs pasta, and the whole thing needs to happen quickly, Fresh Corn Grill is where you need to be. Yes, the name is terrible, and yes it looks like any order-at-the-counter spot along Santa Monica Boulevard, but Fresh Corn is better than the rest. For the ultimate speed lunch, take advantage of their very efficient takeout situation.


Pace Joint

West Hollywood
7860 Sunset Blvd.

The classic Italian restaurant in Laurel Canyon recently made the leap down the hill and landed in a casual little space at Sunset and Fairfax. The menu is almost identical to their original location, and that’s not something anyone should be complaining about. The one difference here is you order at the front counter, find a seat inside or on the great back patio, and wait for your Italian feast to arrive.


Potato Chips

308 N Stanley Ave

LA has its fair share of iconic delis, and Potato Chips is definitely not one of them. But it’s about time this dime-sized spot off Beverly got its time in the sun, because it’s pretty damn delicious. Yes, the name sounds like the all-day hangout from a Saturday morning cartoon, but trust us, these sandwiches are excellent. They’re all massive, the bread is made in-house, and everything is under $12. Service is fast and the place is nice and quiet if you need 40 minutes away from your co-workers. Get the Italian.

Photo: Potato Chips / Facebook

Hugo's Restaurant

West Hollywood
8401 Santa Monica Blvd

Hugo’s offers some LA history with your quinoa salad - this was one of the first “health food” restaurants in town, and they’ve been open since the ’70s. But it’s also the kind of place where the health food part feels incidental. It’s really a neighborhood spot. where the servers know your name and how you like your coffee, and it just happens to be good for you too.

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