On Tail O’ The Pup’s opening weekend, they sold out of hot dogs. Which is frankly touching, considering this historic establishment is a literal life-size hotdog brought back to life from its original location, which opened in 1946 near where the Beverly Center currently stands. People in the crowd seemed excited to revisit their old favorite hotdog stand and we understand why. We never thought we’d use “umami” in the same sentence as "hotdog," but that’s how we’d describe the perfectly executed 1946 Pup, which is split and loaded with grilled onions and mustard. The dogs come in charming little boats with all sorts of classic topping options, the staff will ask you how you’re doing and mean it, and there’s even a menu for (actual) dogs. They also serve burgers, alcohol, and soft serve, and there's tons of seating, making this an ideal patio to let time tick by. We won’t be surprised if the Shake Shack next door goes out of business.

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