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There’s a reason you’re taught to pass the pasta. No, it’s not just because your Aunt’s famished after church again, it’s because humans generally eat pasta in large quantities, at large gatherings, and generally until it’s gone. It’s called family-style for a reason.

But sushi? Not so much. We all eat sushi a bit differently. You might like some nigiri, but generally stick to rolls, while your friend (who constantly reminds you about their trip to Japan) is an omakase purist. And that guy you’re on a date with? Well, he’s still on the tempura section. So why do so many LA sushi restaurants only cater to one category? Can’t we all be happy eating sushi together?

Yes. Just head to Sushi Fumi to do it.

Located in the heart of La Cienega between Beverly and Melrose, Sushi Fumi is that place you tell your friends about, and they respond with, “Wait there’s a sushi restaurant there?” Yes, there is. And you’ll find a simple, casual dining room with a tiny wrap-around bar and scattered tables for whoever you roll in with. Date night? Midweek catch up with friends? Solo voyage to sushi greatness? It’s all happening here.

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photo credit: Holly Liss

But let’s talk about the food. It’s phenomenal—no matter where you fall on the sushi-eating spectrum. Unfortunately, they did away with their omakase a few years ago, but if you’re craving a similar experience, just do what we do and head straight to the bar. That’s where you’ll chat with the chefs about which cuts from the daily specials board are particularly good that day and they’ll craft a meal that still feels one-of-a-kind. Maybe you’ll get served a perfectly-seared halibut fin or golden eye snapper with yuzu or yellowtail belly that’ll ruin all other yellowtail you’ve ever eaten. It’s a journey worth taking, particularly because if you’re really hungry, you’ll rarely spend over $60.

But in the event you’re with a big group or looking to order from different parts of the menu, at Fumi, you’re still in for a great experience. Their specialty rolls are massive, and most importantly, still showcase the sushi itself. Our favorite is the moon roll, which comes packed with spicy yellowtail and topped with avocado and tempura crumbs. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and spicy, and proves that rolls don’t have to be vehicles for mayonnaise. You can also take advantage of the daily specials board from the tables too, so while your coworker is finishing their toro and salmon-filled chirashi bowl, feel free to snag a few baked king crab hand rolls for yourself. And that’s not a typo—when they’re this good, one is never enough.

Sushi Fumi is one of our favorite sushi spots in LA because it’s affordable and accessible, but also because no matter what you order, you walk away feeling like you ate the best thing on the menu.

Food Rundown

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photo credit: Sushi Fumi

Moon Roll

We admittedly aren’t big specialty roll people, but this is an exception. Filled with spicy yellowtail and topped with avocado and tempura crumbs, it’s just an exceptionally well-built, flavorful roll where (gasp!) you can actually still taste the sushi.

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photo credit: Holly Liss

Chirashi Bowl

We thought no one could take over the spot Murakami’s chirashi bowls had in our hearts, but this is a serious contender. For $20, you get a bowl of massive cuts of everything from salmon to whitefish to albacore tuna. This is an ideal quick lunch order.

Daily Specials Board

As the name suggests, exact cuts change every day on this board, but whether it’s premium snapper, toro with yuzu, or monkfish liver, just know you’re going to get served some of the freshest and affordable nigiri (most fall under $12) in West Hollywood.

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