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Holly Liss

Sushi Fumi

Written by
Holly Liss

There’s a reason you pass the pasta. Not just because your Aunt Pat’s starving again after church (though she is), but because we all eat pasta the same way - in large quantities, at large gatherings, and generally until it’s gone. It’s called family-style for a reason.

But sushi? Not so much. We all eat sushi differently. You like some sashimi, but generally stick to rolls, while your friend who always reminds you about her trip to Japan is an omakase purist. And that guy you’re on a date with? Well, he’s still on the tempura section. So why do so many LA sushi restaurants only cater to one category? Can’t we all be happy eating sushi together?

Yes. Just head to Sushi Fumi to do it.

Located in the heart of La Cienega between Beverly and Melrose, Sushi Fumi is that place you tell your friends about, and they respond with, “Wait there’s a sushi restaurant there?” Yes, there is. And behind a facade that reads more like an abandoned laundromat than a sushi place, you’ll find a good-sized, modern dining room with a great vibe, and plenty of tables for whoever you roll in with. Date night? Midweek catch up with friends? Solo voyage to sushi greatness? All is welcome here.

Holly Liss

But let’s talk about the food. It’s phenomenal - no matter where you fall on the sushi-eating spectrum. If you lean towards the purist side of things, we guarantee this will become one of your favorite omakases in the city (and for $80, it’s also a complete steal). Their yellowfish belly is from a different planet, and usually the first thing we see when we close our eyes at night.

As for everything else? Accessible and excellent. Their specialty rolls are delicious and never feel like cover-ups for the sushi itself. Everything is coursed out well, and even if you don’t sit at the bar (not a requirement here for omakase), the waitstaff is on top of their game and won’t have you eating sashimi by yourself while your friends stare at you to hurry up.

Sushi Fumi is one of our favorite sushi spots in LA because no matter what you order, you walk away feeling like you ate the best thing on the menu. And that’s something anybody can get on board with.

Food Rundown


Are there more exotic omakase experiences in LA? Sure. But for $80, you get around 18 courses of absolutely fantastic fish, and that just doesn’t happen in this part of town.

Sushi Fumi
Moon Roll

Spicy yellowtail, avocado, those little crunchy things. Good luck not ordering a second one.

Holly Liss
Chirashi Bowl

We thought no one could take over the spot Murakami’s chirashi bowls had in our heart, but this baby just did. For $17, you get a bowl of massive cuts of everything from salmon to whitefish to albacore tuna. This is your ideal lunchtime order.

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