Connie And Ted's

Perfect For: Big Groups First/Early in the Game Dates Outdoor/Patio Situation

We all crave the hype. That tangible sense of anticipation for whatever we’re up to next. It's why Facebook event pages exist. But what happens when that excitement becomes too great? When the expectation becomes too lofty?

You know the answer.

When Connie and Ted’s opened in West Hollywood, this town was going crazy for it. Like Kirk Cameron level crazy. And for obvious reasons. The chef from one of the great Los Angeles restaurants (Providence) was striking out on his own for the first time, taking up shop in a new restaurant space as eye-catching as any in the city.

And make no doubt about it, Connie and Ted’s has very much delivered on its promises. It provided us a fresh and reliable seafood joint in a part of town that never had one. The gigantic space is open and unintimidating, making it perfect for nearly any occasion. Oh, and you don’t really like seafood? Not to worry. The surprisingly varied menu has got you covered. You will go to Connie and Ted’s, have a great time, and eat very good seafood. And there’s a whole lot to be said for that.

However, as you get up to exit, is there that subtle tinge of expecting a bit more? Yes. Were your expectations probably set too high? Also yes. Take Connie and Ted’s for what it is and you will love it: a fun, casual place to grab a cold beer and some oysters with friends. It’s the kind of neighborhood restaurant this city needs, and we unshockingly took way too seriously. D*mn the hype.

Food Rundown

Jo’s Wicked Good Chowda

Offered in New England, Manhattan, and Rhode Island Clear versions, be a good American and get the sampler of all three. You won’t be mad.

Raw Bar

The oysters here are exactly what you want and you don’t have time to drive to Malibu to get them.

Ed’s Portuguese Fish Stew

One of the more popular entrees on the menu, this big bowl of goodness mixes in hake, mussels, and manila clams for some pretty bold flavors.

New England Boiled Dinner

No way around it, this is the showcase item at Connie and Ted’s and it doesn’t disappoint. Lobster, steamers, mussels, potato, and corn all find their way on to the plate in this authentic East Coast feast.

Lobster Roll

The lobster roll is arguably the “it” item right now in the city right now and you could very well thank Connie and Ted’s entry for the start of the trend.

The Bacon Hook Hamburger

Wait. A bacon cheeseburger at seafood place, that's actually worth ordering? Yup.


In general the desserts are all worth saving room for, but this vanilla ice cream topped in salted caramel sauce is perfect in its simplicity.

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