Son of A Gun

Perfect For: Date Night Lunch Small Plates

It takes something special to completely transport you to another time and place entirely, like an episode of “Freak and Geeks” or a large hit of acid. And that’s what this Son of a Gun restaurant is: something special. For a full meal, I was my father, on break from college, blasting Supertramp in his bedroom in the basement of my hypothetical-ship-captain-grandfather’s home. Is that a weirdly specific idea? Sure. And to make it more specific, in this world, my grandmother cooks some amazing, gourmet seafood.

This place is nautically themed, but not in the way that tries to make you think you’re in a boat. No, more just in the home of someone who really LIKES boats. That’s the part about my hypothetical-ship-captain-grandfather. And the part about blasting Supertramp is because the restaurant is blasting some f*cking Supertramp.

Son of A Gun is the logical ying to the "Jon & Vinny" crew's even more popular yang: Animal. Whereas the latter will give you a safari’s variety of meats, Son of a Gun focuses on seafood of all types. A raw menu, a shellfish menu, and some a rotating group of salads are all served up in small plates, keeping everything fresh, interesting, and ultimately delicious.

Needless to say, though, the guys who started a place called Animal aren’t going to complete any menu without some meats on the docket. And here, it’s the Fried Chicken Sandwich that gets the most buzz. Bring friends, share plates, and maybe grab an extra Lobster Roll because they’re f*cking excellent. Just make sure you call early, because nearly everyone else in Los Angeles knows how amazing this place is, as well.

Food Rundown

Fried Chicken Sandwich

The signature dish at Son of A Gun, this is the best kind of behemoth. You have no hope of getting all the separate ingredients in your mouth at the same time, so each bite is a fun new combination. And that hot sauce aioli makes for the best of those bites.

Lobster Roll

Also a well known and much loved menu item. These are a lightly deconstructed version of the lobster roll, with a dollop of lobster perched on top of a bite-sized roll. They’re small, but pack a serious punch, like Ariana Grande or that acid we were talking about from before.

Shrimp Toast

If you come to Son of A Gun and don’t order shrimp toast, you’re making a huge mistake? What is it? It’s shrimp toast. Stop asking questions.

Hamachi Crudo

Looking for something lighter? Order this crudo. Then follow it with a massive fried chicken sandwich.

Linguine & Clams

One of our unexpected favorite dishes here. Why? Not because we don’t usually love linguine and clams. We do. But because this one is so damn rich and satisfying. Thanks, butter.

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