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Babas on Cannon review image

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Babas on Cannon

Babas on Cannon is a coffee and breakfast shop in Cannonborough-Elliotborough where you can also get an Aperol spritz in the evening.

Bar George review image

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Bar George

At Bar George in Riverland Terrace, you can play pinball, eat oysters, and drink a really good cocktail.

Chubby Fish review image

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Chubby Fish

Chubby Fish is a sweet date spot in Elliotborough serving a seasonal menu of locally-caught seafood.

Jackrabbit Filly review image

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Jackrabbit Filly

Jackrabbit Filly is a Chinese American restaurant in Park Circle.

Chasing Sage review image

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Chasing Sage

Chasing Sage is a great farm-to-table restaurant in Cannonborough-Elliotborough.

The Daily review image

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The Daily

The Daily is an all-day cafe and marketplace in Downtown Charleston.

Daps review image

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Daps is an all-day breakfast spot in the West Side of Downtown Charleston.

Hannibal’s Kitchen review image

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Hannibal’s Kitchen

Hannibal’s Kitchen is a classic soul food spot in Downtown Charleston.

Kwei Fei review image

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Kwei Fei

Kwei Fei is a great Sichuan spot in Riverland Terrace.

Pink Bellies review image

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Pink Bellies

Pink Bellies is a Vietnamese spot in Cannonborough-Elliotborough.

Hank’s Seafood review image

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Hank’s Seafood

Hank’s Seafood is an upscale Ansonborough restaurant known for seasonal lobster, local oysters, and shellfish towers

Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer review image

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Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer in Radcliffeborough roasts their beans on-site, has 20+ beers on tap, and a great backyard patio to enjoy either on.

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit review image

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Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit on King Street serves their famous biscuits and custom sandwiches all day long.

The Darling Oyster Bar review image

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The Darling Oyster Bar

The Darling Oyster Bar is where to go in Radcliffeborough for fresh oysters, a beautiful bar, and the most over-the-top Bloody Mary in Charleston.

Husk review image

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Husk serves refined Southern food and is the best known restaurant in Charleston. If you can't get a table, head next door to the Bar at Husk instead.

Market Pavilion Rooftop Bar review image

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Market Pavilion Rooftop Bar

Market Pavilion Rooftop Bar serves great cocktails, has a wraparound infinity pool, and is great for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

The Cocktail Club review image

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The Cocktail Club

The Cocktail Club is where we go on Upper King for really good cocktails, the occasional live show, and a great rooftop terrace.

The Rooftop Bar At Vendue review image

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The Rooftop Bar At Vendue

The Rooftop Bar at Vendue is one of the more low-key rooftop bars in town and is a great place to escape the crowded French Quarter.

Pearlz Oyster Bar review image

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Pearlz Oyster Bar

Pearlz Oyster Bar is a low-key spot in the French Quarter known for cheap beers, fresh oysters, and a great Happy Hour.

Closed For Business review image

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Closed For Business

Closed For Business is a King Street bar with 42 beers on tap that serves great bar food until 11pm and midnight on the weekends.