Big Mario's Pizza

By day, Big Mario’s is one of the more reliable New York-style slice joints in Seattle, even though the red sauce is a little on the spicier side. By 2am, Big Mario’s is a sloppier sh*tshow mess than your high school’s salutatorian at the Senior Prom. It’s where to go to grab a quick lunch or a pie for the group to take back to your place, but also where to go when you’ve had eight drinks at Sam’s Tavern and tearing through an obscene amount of late-night pizza is your ultimate mission. Just keep in mind, that’s what the rest of the hammered pizza-craving zombie people had in mind too. Be prepared to wait for a long time after midnight, but there’s nothing like a Mario’s pepperoni slice to soak up all of that Manny’s you ruthlessly chugged.

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