The Pizza Delivery Guide: San Francisco & East Bay

In the mood for pizza takeout or delivery? You’ve come to the right place.

Since every night is a night-in at the moment, getting some phenomenal pizza helps break up the monotony of being stuck in your house - and supports local restaurants at the same time. Below, you’ll find a list of great delivery options in SF and the East Bay.

For more ways to support the restaurant industry right now, you can find some ideas and resources here.

And for a full directory of restaurants offering takeout and delivery, check out our constantly-updated San Francisco and East Bay Delivery & Takeout Directories.

San Francisco

A16 imageoverride image


Hours:SATURDAY5:00PM to 11:00PM

If you’re sheltering in place with your significant other, you can still have a pizza date with delivery from A16. They’re doing a Box + Bottle deal for $25 that gets you one of their charred-crust pizzas and a bottle of wine. While we love their margarita, the spicy romana with Calabrian chilis may be what you need to shake off the extra boredom. Check out their website to order.

Arizmendi Bakery Panaderia & Pizzeria

This bakery in the Mission is open for takeout (call 415-826-9218). In addition to pastries and breads, Arizmendi offers a weekly-changing menu of pizzas with toppings like smoked gouda and asparagus or mushroom and kale. Also check out their website for updates on other Arizmendi locations.

If you’re in the mood for Chicago-style pizza, head to Capo’s, the sibling restaurant of Tony’s in North Beach. This spot serves 13-inch deep dish pies loaded with sausage, meatballs, and bacon, and vegetarian pizzas, too. To order for curbside pick-up, call 415-986-8998, or check their website for delivery options.

Casey’s has mastered the art of using a few simple ingredients to make some of the best pizza in Mission Bay. It’s available for takeout if you place your order online or call 415-814-2482, and delivery on the apps. If you pick up your pizza, you can also grab beers from their new to-go case, or have your growlers filled from their taps.

Cellarmaker House Of Pizza

This spot in Bernal Heights does Detroit-style square pizzas, like the Detroit Red Top with cheese, tomato, and oregano, or classic pepperoni. They’re open for takeout, and you can order your pie ahead through their website. Wine, beer, and growlers are also available to-go.

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Del Popolo

$$$$(415) 589-7940
Hours:SATURDAY5:30PM to 11:00PM

We wish the Del Popolo pizza truck was permanently parked outside of our apartment, but even though it’s not, you can still get their charred, bubbly, wood-fired pizzas for takeout. Their margarita is as close to perfection as the first-generation iPod or a Simone Biles floor routine, and sometimes we even imagine wearing it as a hat. They’re also offering daily specials, like 60%-off wine if you pick-up instead of having it delivered.

Delarosa is a Marina go-to meet-up spot before a night of bar-hopping. And if you’re looking for some familiarity when getting drunk in your apartment, they’re open for takeout and delivery. The pizzas are solid, but we like the prosciutto and arugula pizza. All bottles of wine are half-off, and they’re also doing cocktails to-go.

Escape From New York Pizza

You can design your own pie at Escape From New York Pizza with toppings and sauces like vegan cheese and barbecue sauce. All three of their locations (The Haight, SoMa, and Downtown) are open for takeout and delivery. Check their website to order. You can also buy pizzas for healthcare workers around the city.

This snowboarding-themed chain spot on Union Street has pizzas and subs available for takeout and delivery on their website and by calling 415-929-8234. They have pies like the Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammoth with Italian sausage and caramelized onions, and the Bunny Slope with pine nuts, heirloom tomatoes, and goat cheese, and vegan and gluten-free pizzas, too.

The light, airy pizzas from Fiorella hold up great for takeout and delivery, but if you want to give their oven a break (and actually find out if yours works for the first time), Fiorella is selling pizza kits with dough, sauce, toppings, and cheese. Call 415-340-3049 (Clement St. location) or 415-829-7097 (Polk St. location) to order.

The Italian restaurant in the Outer Richmond (the one with the retro jukebox) is serving thin-crust pizzas to-go. They’re offering whole pies and slices, and pasta, salads, and sandwiches for takeout and delivery. Call 415-387-5025 to place an order.

Maybe you’re not that hungry or maybe you’re trying to spite your leftovers-stealing roommates, but right now you really only want a slice of pizza. If you live in Hayes Valley, pop into Gioia Pizzeria (you can also get it delivered through apps). The crust is crispy on the bottom and chewy around the edges, and each slice is $4.25. Our favorite is the mushroom pie (with enough garlic to ward off a vampire), and the margherita with fresh tomatoes.

All three of Goat Hill’s locations in San Francisco are open for takeout and delivery, and you can order your pizzas through their website. This place specializes in a sourdough crust, and sells par baked pizzas that you can finish cooking at your house.

A very strong contender for best pizza in San Francisco. Golden Boy makes square pies with a thick crust and a lightly toasted bottom. They also go heavy on the gooey cheese. Don’t be surprised if you order from Golden Boy more than once this week. Call 415-982-9738 to place an order.

Il Casaro has a big wood-burning stove you can see from the sidewalk on Columbus Ave., and it’s constantly cranking out pizzas topped with mortadella, mushrooms, or ’nduja. Their whole menu is available for takeout and delivery, which for us also means ordering a side of burrata.

Little Star does our favorite Chicago-style pizza in San Francisco, and their thick crust holds up well to delivery. We like the Little Star with spinach, mushrooms, feta, and ricotta, but any pie you get - deep dish or thin crust - is worth your time. Order for pick-up or delivery on their website.

Long Bridge’s pizza stands out because it’s made with a sourdough crust that has a better snap than most other pizzas in the city. Long Bridge is running a limited menu for pick-up only, but our favorite mushroom pizza is available. Call 415-829-8999 or go to their website to order.

Marcello’s in the Castro is offering pizzas, slices, calzones, and sandwiches for takeout and delivery. They’re open from 1:30-9:30pm, Sunday to Thursday, and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday. Call 415-863-3900 to order.

Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe

$$$$(415) 362-0536
Hours:SATURDAY10:00AM to 11:00PM

If you live in North Beach, Mario’s on Washington Square Park is still turning out pizzas for pick-up. Call 415-362-0536 to place your order ahead of time.

Montesacro technically serves pinsas, and the airier crust on these oval-shaped pies is a nice break from the ones we get delivered all the time. Our favorite is the Maranella with spicy sausage, broccolini, and stracciatella. Order by calling 415-795-3040.

The Inner Sunset pizza place makes everything from pasta to salad to chicken wings. They also have plenty of toppings in case you want to build your own pizza, but make sure to check out their specials. We like the Medusa with pesto, feta, spinach, and tomatoes.

There are a few Paxti’s locations around San Francisco, and they’re all open for takeout and delivery. Aside from offering Chicago-style pizza to-go, you can also get half-baked pies to finish in the oven when you’re ready to eat. Check out their website for more information and to order.

This spot in the Mission has a small menu of thin-crust pizzas, including two cheese pizzas (one with tomato sauce and one with pesto), a mushroom pizza, and a white pie with mozzarella, ricotta, and reggiano. They’re open for takeout only. Order by calling 415-970-9670.

The neighborhood Dogpatch restaurant for pizza, chardonnay, and laid-back afternoons is open for takeout. They’re offering four pies, including a classic margarita, a mushroom, and a sausage with mozzarella and tomato. Order one along with a bottle of wine, and settle in for a movie night.

This Mission spot is open for takeout (call 415-529-2635 to order) and delivery via apps. What sets their pizza apart from a lot of pizza in San Francisco is a thick, doughy crust. We like the Tyson Punch Out with sausage, mushroom, and ricotta.

Pizzahacker absolutely nails the well-done crust. It’s airy and crisp, but never burnt. We like the Rocket Man with arugula and an egg, and the Yo Vinny! with sausage, onions, and peppers. They’re open for takeout, and you can order ahead on their website.

Morning Due now has a sister restaurant called Pizza Due in the Mission. They’re offering build-your-own pies, slices, and whole pizzas like the Green Goddess, and the Baconato topped with bacon, potatoes, and mozzarella.

With all the extra time you have in your apartment, you can perfect a new skill, and with the make-at-home kits from The Pizza Place On Noriega, that skill could be spinning pizzas mid-air. If you don’t want dough stuck to your ceiling though, get their fully baked pies for takeout or delivery. And while we usually stick with their meat and cheese options, they have a great vegan pizza with pesto and crispy potatoes. Call 415-759-5752 for pick-up and order through apps for delivery.

Pizzeria Delfina serves the most consistent pizza around. The crust is never soggy, the cheese is always just right, and there are enough toppings to actually feed you and your roommate you’ve been locked in with for the last few weeks. Our favorites are the salsiccia and the funghi, but anything you get from Delfina will be good. Order for pick-up or delivery on their website.

Pizzetta 211 is running limited hours from Wednesday through Sunday, but the important thing is that this Richmond spot is still open and serving pizzas for takeout. The menu has some staple pizzas that never change, but the best way to keep things interesting is to order from the section of pies that changes up bi-weekly. Check out their website to order.

This spot that usually serves some of the most creative pastas in San Francisco is also making pizza slices available to walk-in customers. The menu changes daily (you can see it here), and pizza service starts at 2pm and continues until they run out.

The crispy edges and spongy inside of the Detroit-style pizzas from Square Pie Guys are a better contrast than Borg and McEnroe. The pizzas from this place look small, but are hearty enough to feed a few people - or maybe just you, who has nothing better to do than slowly graze the night away. They’re doing takeout and delivery, so go to their website to order.

Tony’s is a San Francisco institution, and while their full menu isn’t available to-go, their limited takeout options still give you more variety than other pizza spots in San Francisco. Our favorite is the coal-fired New Yorker with three kinds of sausage and hand-crushed tomato sauce, but the Cal Italia with gorgonzola and figs is sweet and salty - and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. They run their takeout operation out of the same kitchen as Tony’s Coal-Fired Pizza & Slice House, so whichever you order from, you’ll get the same pie.

This Italian spot in Bernal Heights is offering takeout and free delivery from 4:30-9pm, and topping choices include artichoke, prosciutto, gorgonzola, and sliced pears. Call 415-285-6000 to order.

This neighborhood spot in Russian Hill makes good pizzas with toppings like red potatoes and garlic or roasted chicken and sundried tomatoes. They’re open for delivery and takeout, and you can order by calling 415-771-3100.

We like to think of Zero Zero as a super efficient pizza factory cranking out classic margherita pizzas and pies loaded with mushrooms and leeks. If you have room in your freezer, they’re also selling frozen pies. Call 415-348-8800 to order for pick-up, or get delivery through apps.

East Bay

Artichoke Basille's Pizza

Artichoke Basille serves some of the best New York-style slices in the East Bay - and you can also order whole pies that are big enough to feed you for at least the next three meals. We love the classic artichoke pizza, but you should also try one of their delicious square slices (vodka or Sicilian). Call 510-705-1266 to order takeout.

This Alameda spot offers a wide selection of pizzas, but our favorite is the Diablita (red sauce, Calabrian chili, garlic, and goat cheese - and add pepperoni). We recommend that you order your pizza uncut and finish it off in your own oven for maximum crispy freshness. Order online.

Fournée in Berkeley mostly offers pastries, breads, and desserts, but their pizzas are just as delicious. Veggie and pepperoni pizzas (whole and slices) are available from Tuesday to Saturday from 12-2pm.

As much as we love Californian-Italian pizzas topped with corn or nettles, sometimes we just want a solid slice. That’s when we go to Graffiti Pizza, a New York-style pizza spot in Old Oakland. Their pizzas are thick, cheesy, and delicious - and don’t be surprised if you have dreams starring their pepperoni. Call 510-250-9303 to place an order for pick-up, or get delivery through the apps.

There’s no shortage of options at Jules Thin Crust - they’ve got veggie, meat, and cheese pies, and they’re all equally great. And if 27 variations of thin crust pizza aren’t enough for you, you can create your own. Order online here.

La Val’s pies are great straight out of the oven, but they’re also great as leftovers at 2am when you finally finish that 10,000-piece puzzle. You can also order a party-size pizza with multiple sections of toppings for more variety. Pick-up and delivery (in Alameda only) are available by calling 510-521-7711.

All Little Star locations are currently open for takeout and delivery, so you can satisfy your deep dish cravings without having to put on real pants. They’re also offering 50% off beer and wine - call 510-526-7827 or order online.

This family-owned spot on Piedmont Ave. specializes in bubbly Sicilian pies. And if there is one thing you do well today (aside from ace that banana bread recipe), it’s order the Giovanni’s Special with sauteed eggplant, garlic, and basil. Call 510-652-6222 to order for takeout or curbside pick-up. Delivery is available through the apps.

The pizza from Lucia’s in downtown Berkeley is all gluten-free, and they’ve got a wide selection of toppings ranging from vegan mozzarella to ghost pepper syrup. Wines by the bottle are also available for pick-up and delivery. Call 510-225-9467 for pick-up or order online for delivery.

Nick’s Pizza is great for a few reasons. One, the pizza is made with an incredible sourdough crust. And two, they’re paired with classic and not-so-classic topping combinations, like mac and cheese. They’re currently selling whole light-bake pizzas for you to finish at home. And if you want one, you’ll have to stop by from 12-6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, since they aren’t taking orders by phone.

Nabolom in Berkeley puts out a new sauce-free, meat-free pizza every day that you can take home to enjoy while you Marie Kondo your entire closet. They’re available fully- and half-baked, so you can enjoy them fresh from the oven. Call 510-845-2253 or stop by to order.

If you’re passing through the UC Berkeley campus and get a sudden (and very specific) craving for a 16-inch Neapolitan pepperoni pizza, you’re in luck - Paradigm Pizzas is serving pizzas, pastas, and desserts out of the dining hall at Clark Kerr. Everything is available for pick-up and delivery Wednesday to Sunday.

Rotten City Pizza is our go-to pizza joint whenever we’re in the Emeryville area. They serve a thin-crust pizza that’s mildly greasy, and we especially like the mushroom or the spinach. Call 510-655-2489 to order. Delivery is also available here.

Slicer on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland is one of our favorite spots for a quick slice to-go. Right now, they’re only focusing on whole pies, like sweet corn, roasted cauliflower, and house-made sausage pizza. Call 510-808 5424 to place an order for takeout.

If you’re in need of some variety (these days, aren’t we all?), you can head over to Sliver to pick up one of their daily-changing pizzas. They’re loaded with fresh, vegetarian toppings - and taste even better when dipped in a side of green sauce. Check out the menu here, where you can also order for pick-up and delivery.

The Star On Park, an outpost of Little Star, also serves appetizers, sandwiches, and beer and wine. While their cocktails aren’t currently available for takeout, you can still wash down a meatball deep dish with one of their house specialty wines. Order online.

For one of our favorite Chicago-style pizzas in the Bay, order from Zachary’s - their stuffed Zachary’s Special (Italian sausage, green peppers, onions, and mushroom) goes especially well with a night watching all eight Harry Potter films on a never-ending loop. All five locations are currently open for pick-up and delivery.

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