Flour + Water Pizzeria

Flour + Water Pizzeria, formerly in the Mission and now in North Beach, got a chic makeover. The shiny, much larger restaurant (by the Flour + Water people) has leather booths, boozy slushies, and a big glass “dough room.” The menu at this nice-casual spot is mostly the same, which is excellent news for anyone who’s a fan of fantastic red and white pies with crispy crusts, creamy soft serve, and god tier mozzarella sticks, which are gooey enough to necessitate a wingspan-length cheese pull. There are new adds worth your time, too, like a cacio e pepe pie that’s capital D decadent, and great house wines (called “Pasta Water” and “Pasta Sauce,” naturally). Get here for a pizza party that’s a little more sophisticated than eating slices out of a cardboard box on your couch. 

Flour + Water Pizzeria review image

photo credit: Kristen Loken

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