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The Eastside Brunch Guide

PHOTO: Ryan Tanaka

The Eastside might have only recently come into LA’s legitimate food scene, but the brunch situations in neighborhoods like Echo Park, Silver Lake, and Los Feliz have always been among the best. Chalk it up to a strong cafe culture or the locals unrelenting urge to find the purest form of egg white, it’s hard to walk 10 yards on the Eastside without stumbling past an above average breakfast scramble.

That said, the last thing you want on a hungover Sunday morning is to wait an hour in line for a wet pancake that wasn’t ever going to be worth it. Brunch on the Eastside can get overwhelming (and extremely crowded), so we’re here to make sure you and your friends don’t waste a second of it. Here are the 18 best brunches on the Eastside for your ultimate weekend glory.



Silver Lake
720 N. Virgil Ave.

So your pottery and wine class went crazy late last night, and you’re a little dreary-eyed. Time for the most quintessential Eastside brunch in existence - Sqirl. The lines at this daytime only, order-at-the-counter spot get downright treacherous over the weekends, so prepare accordingly. But once you sit down with that brioche toast and sorrel pesto bowl staring back at you, it’ll all be worth it.


Square One Dining

4854 Fountain Ave

You’ve got the trendy hotspots and the old-time classics, and then you've got Square One - the Eastside’s best bet for a simple, quality brunch/breakfast. Only open till 3pm, lines can get long here on the weekends as well, so try to beat the rush if you can. The original location on Fountain Ave. will always have our heart, but it’s newer location at the Echo Park lagoon has Sunday day date written all over it. Now go make out on a paddle boat.


Canele Restaurant

3219 Glendale Blvd

Back in 2006, Atwater Village was that place you drove through to get to the Glendale Galleria. Then a small neighborhood brunch spot opened and everything changed. Canele became an overnight hit thanks to their Thick French Toast (easily among the best in LA), and a cool, casual vibe that feels authentic to the area. Fast forward to present day and the homey cafe hasn’t missed a beat. Just get there early on the weekends - you're not the only one craving that toast.


Greetings from the best coffee shop in Los Angeles. You’re no doubt drinking that $7 cup of the latest hyped-up Portland transplant right now, and that’s a mistake. Because this casual, unpretentious cafe on Silver Lake Blvd. has them completely beat in coffee dept. (Not to mention the solid food menu to go along with it). Open every day at 7am, Lamill is an equally fantastic weekday option too.


Little Dom's

Los Feliz
2128 Hillhurst Ave.

Little Dom’s is probably best known as the place you fell in love with the person it eventually didn’t work out with, but sexy date night aside, this Los Feliz mainstay also has one of our favorite brunches as well. Starting at 8am, this is the brunch you want if you’re looking to get in early and still make something of your Saturday. But after housing a scrambled egg bruschetta and some speck pizza, we're going back for a nap.


Mustard Seed Cafe

Los Feliz
1948 Hillhurst Ave

We love Mustard Seed for several reasons. For starters, the only people who go here are locals, meaning you get to bypass the hordes of aggressive weekend warriors. Second, the food is excellent. And lastly, you’ll probably see at least one cast member of It’s Always Sunny eating an omelette inside. This is the definition of a neighborhood spot, and one that’ll never disappoint.



Silver Lake
2838 Rowena Ave

Somewhere along the way, Edendale transitioned from being that place you went to because a eating eggs in a retrofitted fire house sounded cool to a bonafide Eastside go-to. It certainly is cool that it used to be a fire house, but Edendale established its loyal following through good food, excellent drinks, and a front patio that never gets old. They just extended brunch into Saturday as well.

Photo: Benji Dell

Trois Familia

Silver Lake
3510 W Sunset Blvd

You’d be hard pressed to find a more polarizing restaurant opening in the last year than Trois Familia. But when it comes to Chef Ludo’s affordable and accessible French/Mexican fusion brunch spot in Silver Lake, mark us down for having drunk the juice. The colorful Sunset Blvd. location is certainly small, but the clipboard sign-up situation out front is surprisingly efficient. And that’s good news because the sooner you start eating that churro French toast, the better.



Los Feliz
4624 Hollywood Blvd.

Oh boy. Last night’s Echoplex outing got a little sloppy and you woke up with three separate "Tristan's" in your phone. Drop what you’re doing and go get all the breakfast tacos you can handle over at HomeState. The order-at-the-register Tex-Mex spot is an all-out apocalypse on the weekend, so get there early or plan to spend some time roaming around Wacko’s across the street while your chorizo migas make their way down the line.


Millie's Cafe

3524 W Sunset Blvd

This list is littered with newcomers, but few are going to ever beat out one of the oldest and most classic brunch spots of them all - Millie’s. The 90-year-old breakfast landmark has been curing LA’s hangovers since the prohibition with everything from omelettes to benedicts to burritos to something they call the Devil’s Mess. It’s not the best food on this list, but it’s an Eastside classic that’s always there when you need it.

Photo: Millie's Cafe / Facebook

Ostrich Farm

Echo Park
1525 W Sunset Blvd

So your parents are in town and they texted you at 6:30am inquiring about breakfast. It’s now 10am, something on you still smells like gin, and you’re headed to Ostrich Farm. As terrifying a concept as an actual ostrich farm is, this version happens to be one of the better all-around restaurants on the Eastside. And one whose daily brunch will make mom and dad extremely happy. You can’t go wrong with the breakfast sandwich or any of the tartines, and their coffee is excellent. And trust us, you need that coffee.


Red Lion Tavern

Silver Lake
2366 Glendale Blvd

Let’s be honest. Sometimes the idea of another pinterest-approved egg white omelet brunch-a-thon sounds truly nauseating. Change it up and head to one of our favorites - Red Lion Tavern. The shockingly authentic German beer garden is a Saturday night must, but their weekend brunch situation is the true secret. Served 11am-3pm, the menu isn’t large, but it’s delicious. Think traditional German breakfast sandwiches and lots and lots of meat. And beer.



2442 Hyperion Ave

You told your friends you weren’t going to Bootie LA this week, and yet there you were at 1:30am in a jean vest acting like you just heard Firework for the first time. It happens. And now you’re at Barbrix with your friends trying to figure out which Uber you left your phone in. The Silver Lake brunch mainstay has built a following for having solid, hangover-curing food, a casual vibe, and $8 bottomless mimosas if it’s time to get back on the horse.


Yes, the Moby-owned, 100%-of-proceeds-go-to-animal-welfare restaurant feels like a joke unto itself, but if you’re still writing off this bright Silver Lake cafe, the joke's frankly on you. Because plain and simple, the food is good. And the atmosphere inside is relaxed and unpretentious - despite what you're thinking. The lemon poppyseed pancakes are an absolute must, but it’s hard to go wrong with anything at the best vegan brunch in town.


L&E Oyster Bar

Silver Lake
1637 Silver Lake Blvd

Another place far more well-known for being your date-night (or oyster happy hour) go-to spot, L&E Oyster only recently introduced their brunch situation and we are into it. The same amazing oysters make appearances not only in raw form, but also fried and tucked away in an omelette with peach-infused hot sauce. Hello, beautiful. Other hangover options include moroccan spiced eggs and an egg, pork, and biscuit sandwich that will wash away all lingering regret.


Lemon Poppy Kitchen

3324 Verdugo Rd

You’re no doubt familiar with a Mexican breakfast, or an English breakfast, or that sriracha-doused pile of fried you just made at home. But Romanian breakfast? Not so much. Say hello to Lemon Poppy Kitchen, a small cafe in a Glassell Park strip mall, who's been dishing out Romanian breakfast staples we never knew we needed so badly. So what's a Romanian breakfast? Think housemade pastries, meat-filled sandwiches, and planchitas - flatbreads stuffed with everything from feta and dill to bacon and cheddar. See you there.

Photo: Lemon Poppy Kitchen / Facebook


3705 W Sunset Blvd

It takes about three seconds upon walking into Silver Lake’s brand new Sawyer to realize they got this place completely right. The bright space is not just beautiful, it’s functional with a classy, relaxed vibe that’s just what you’re looking for after a night in while your friends embarrassed themselves on Snapchat. You’re getting the prosciutto and hummus toast, and your friend with their head on the table is getting the sunnyside hash and a side of Tylenol.

Photo: Ryan Tanaka


1115 W Sunset Blvd

Located on the southern edge of Echo Park, in an area best described as "close to Dodger Stadium?", Winsome’s ground floor digs in a massive, weird old building might seem like an odd choice, but it works. The inside feels like a Jersey Turnpike diner that Jonathan Adler got his hands on, and a spacious side patio ideal for when the crew's running deep. The food is solid (the potato rosti is a must), and they might have the best aguas frescas in LA.

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