This small Los Feliz restaurant (that also has locations in Highland Park, Pasadena, West Adams, and Playa Vista) serves some of the best Tex-Mex we’ve encountered in the city. People line up for their queso, migas, and most importantly, breakfast tacos. It all starts with their excellent flour tortillas, which come loaded with bacon, potatoes, eggs, cheese, beans, and shredded brisket. What you’ll get is an excellent breakfast, ideal for a mid-morning snack or to magically bring you back from the brink of hangover death at 2pm on a Saturday.

Food Rundown

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Queso is a key reason why Tex-Mex holds a place in our hearts, and Homestate does it right. Make sure you order it “loaded,” and please sign our petition for the restaurant to make “loaded” your only option. It’s for the good of everyone.

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We recommend the Lonestar Migas, which adds in a good amount of brisket on top of the warm and filling migas: eggs scrambled with corn strips, onion, and cheese.


As far as breakfast tacos go, we love the Comal (black beans, eggs, Monterey jack), the Pecos (egg and brisket), and the Trinity (eggs, bacon, cheddar, potato) - but you really can’t go wrong. The lunch menu has a few highlights as well: the brisket and chicken tacos are both solid choices, with a great cabbage slaw on top.

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Buñuelos In A Bag

Light, airy, and sweet. Take a few bites first, in case you fill up on the queso and can’t get to them after.

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