All Day Baby

All Day Baby is an all-day restaurant (see what they did there?) in Silver Lake from the people behind Here’s Looking At You. The daytime menu involves Americana diner staples with some creative twists tossed in, like a buttery biscuit and egg sandwich dabbed with strawberry jam, smoked brisket burritos, chili cheese fries, and a big old plate of Spam loco moco smothered in country gravy. You’ll also find a fully-loaded pastry case—get the PB&J fluffernutter—and an interesting list of cocktails and boozy milkshakes, which all together make it one of our favorite places in Silver Lake for a causal, walk-in brunch. If you’re in the mood for hotcakes, get there before 3pm, though. At night, the restaurant turns into Vietnamese concept Tet-A-Tet.

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photo credit: Andrea D'Agosto

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