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The Best New Bakeries In LA

From olive loaves to chewy chocolate cookies, these are the new bakeries in LA you should know about.

Our mornings have been pretty monotonous lately. They almost feel like they were ripped from an episode of Russian Doll or the very end of that Black Mirror episode that starred Jon Hamm. Even making that joke felt like something we’ve done a million times during the past year. Which is all to say, if you’re like us and are in desperate need of something fresh and exciting, may we recommend finding a new bakery you love? From crusty loaves of focaccia studded with rosemary to excellent slices of Key lime pie, here are the five best new bakeries to check out in LA.

The Bakeries

Fat & Flour

While eating the pies and baked goods from this Grand Central Market stall, you might find yourself getting hit with a wave of déjà vu. Maybe that’s because you’ve eaten it in a parallel universe, but most likely it’s because you’ve had the food at Fiona - the now-closed Fairfax restaurant that was run by the chef behind Fat & Flour, Nicole Rucker. She’s brought those signature pies back, and is offering them in flavors like rhubarb cherry and Key lime topped with whipped cream, as well as a variety of brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and pure, raw cookie dough. Place a preorder for pickup through their website.

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Where To Eat At Grand Central Market

Between the potato-stuffed croquettes, cranberry cheese walnut bread, and melon pan filled with sweet, sweet custard, walking into Roji Bakery is like entering the gates of heaven. That is, if heaven was filled with baked goods (we hope it is). Located in Beverly Grove, this new Japanese bakery churns out beautiful, fluffy pastries that look like they were ripped from a Pinterest mood board - and taste just as good as they look. We recommend almost everything, from curry pans to seasonal sweet purple potato Danishes, but our favorite thing is a Roji staple - an almond cookie-encased chocolate croissant that’s sweet, crunchy, and combines most of the things we love in this world.

Good news for all Bruins, UCLA grads, and anyone else who might be passing through Brentwood - Clark Street Bread now has an outpost on the Westside. Over in a sunny, large-windowed space on Barrington Ct., one of our favorite bakeries in the city is serving a full menu of baked goods, desserts, and brunch foods, like the sticky, sweet kouignn-amann, French omelettes filled with fine herbs, and an excellent burger that you can order at the tender hour of 8am. Have we done that? Maybe.

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Located below Easton Gym Co. on Beverly Blvd., (so you know, you can get “that bread” in both a literal and physical-activity way), this lovely bakery pop-up offers all sorts of bread made with naturally-fermented sourdough. That includes baguettes, city loaves containing Himalayan pink salt, and dark Danish rye bread, as well as prepackaged goods like mixed berry jams and cultured butter.

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The Best Pop-Ups In LA Right Now

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