Tre Mani

What happens when one of LA's best bakeries teams up with one of our favorite pizzerias on the Westside to make sandwiches? Very good lunch, that's what. Tre Mani, a collaboration between Jyan Isaac and Ghisallo, serves Roman-style flatbread sandwiches that could easily become your personality for the week. Each one comes on Jyan's slabs of schiacciata that brown and bubble at the top while staying spongy like a fancy mattress that requires a payment plan. Meanwhile, all of the seasonal preserves, cold cuts, and creamy spreads are Ghisallo’s doing. Stop by Ghisallo in Santa Monica from 12-3pm Tuesday to Sunday to try the mortadella version with a smidge of heat from horseradish and some sweet balsamic onions (preferably enjoyed on Ghisallo’s outdoor patio).

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