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The Chicago Hit List: The Best New Restaurants In Chicago

We checked out these new restaurants - and loved them.

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34 Spots
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34 Spots
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Updated September 15th, 2021

The Hit List is where you’ll find our favorite new food and drink experiences in Chicago. We track new openings across the city, and then visit as many as we can. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of every good new spot, one thing you can always rely on is that we’ll only include places that we have genuinely checked out.

Our goal is for this list to be as diverse as the city itself - inclusive of a wide range of cuisines, price points, neighborhoods, chefs and owners of all backgrounds, and the multifaceted communities within the industry. If you think we missed a great new place, we want to hear about it. Shoot us an email at chicago@theinfatuation.com

Whether you’re looking for in-person dining, takeout, or delivery, The Hit List is here to help you find a great new spot to support. Read on to find your new favorites.

The Spots

Kim Kovacik

La Birrieria Restaurant

$$$$ 4743 W. Grand Ave.

This casual Mexican spot in Humboldt Park has birria that we can only describe as transcendent. While we ate it time stopped and the restaurant dissolved around us like pixels in The Matrix and nothing existed besides the truth of braised meat and flavorful red consomé. It’s served with some incredibly pliable handmade tortillas that stand up to the juicy meat without disintegrating - a fact that we put to the test with the delicious quesabirria, too. Birria is (obviously) the specialty, but the menu also includes things like fajitas and chilaquiles (which we’ll be trying on our next visit), and a short beer list. Plus, it’s decorated with a fun mural that was colorful enough to pull us back into reality - though we’re not holding that against it.

Sandy Noto


$$$$ 2200 N Clark St

Look, we’re not telling you to just run out and spend $200 on a 12-15 course tasting menu. But if you’re in the market to do so, we highly recommend doing it at Esme. This new fine-dining spot in Lincoln Park has everything we look for in a fancy-ass meal. The three-hour meal never drags, courses flow together seamlessly, and (most importantly) the food is incredible. Plus, the magician that did the restaurant’s lighting made sure everyone looks airbrushed and like they belong in an art gallery. The food is fun without being too whimsical, with dishes like charred ribs topped with banana caramel and wrapped around a ceramic “bone” you eat like a Flintstone. There’s also savory sweet potato ice cream topped with caviar, and a canapé that tastes like a Cheeto from the future. So if you’re looking for a very upscale place to celebrate a special occasion, you can confidently book a table here.

Listening Room At The Exchange

American  in  Loop
$$$$ 224 S Michigan Ave.

The Listening Room is a new bar and listening cafe in the Loop. What’s a listening cafe, you ask? Taken from their website, it’s “a clubby dining experience with a state-of-the-art audio experience.” And while “clubby Loop restaurant” is not something we generally find on our Hit List, it turns out it’s not very clubby - it’s more of an upscale cafe that works for a casual date night. Plus, the food is delicious. The menu has dishes like tender chicken thighs with crispy skin, mac and cheese that gets melted raclette poured over it tableside, and some very interesting roasted carrots served with a fluffy coconut mousse and topped with peanuts. The “listening” part really just means that the sound quality is really good, and the music genre changes, so check their Instagram to see what they’re playing before you visit.

Bloom Plant Based Kitchen

$$$$ 1559 N Milwaukee Ave

Amaru in Wicker Park has an amazing vegan tacu tacu. So when we heard that the same chef opened Bloom, a vegan restaurant in Wicker Park, we were excited. And our instincts were correct - the long menu is full of hits. Like the squash blossom-filled tamal topped with a rich mole, a tomato pizza with sweet tamarind saba and a cauliflower crust, and some truly wonderful mushroom asada tacos. And a lot of the dishes on the menu are also gluten-free and raw, so this place works well for a variety of dietary needs. The space keeps with the theme - it’s filled with plants and is bright enough that you won’t worry that said plants aren’t getting enough light. Right now it’s BYOB, and ideal for a casual date night, or a small group dinner with some vegetable-loving friends.


$$$$ 2200 N. California

The Lardon is a salumeria, so the menu is full of lots of salumi, cheese, and various meats they cure in-house. And when we came here, we sat out on their patio and ordered a meat and cheese spread (which came with housemade accoutrements like onion jam) along with a couple of sandwiches - including an incredible Rueben made with what might be the best pastrami in Chicago. Also, Lardon just extended their hours and menu, so you can come here for dinner and get things like steak frites or mussels.

George's Deep Dish

Pizza  in  Edgewater
$$$$ 6221 N. Clark St

Pequod’s has been our favorite deep dish for a long time, but as the ’90s Bulls can attest, dynasties end. Now there’s finally some legitimate competition for the best deep dish in the city. And the reason that George’s in Roger’s Park is so good is that this carryout spot uses a 48-hour cold-fermented sourdough. It creates a deliciously yeasty crust that’s very similar to focaccia, and has a crispy cornmeal base. There’s a fantastic balance of cheese to sweet tomato sauce, and like a traditional deep dish, the cheese is underneath the sauce. Oh, and George’s has a caramelized edge - not as pronounced as Pequod’s, but wonderful all the same. There are a bunch of varieties (like Clooney’s ER which comes with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, and bacon) but our favorite is the simple cup and char pepperoni pie. Just be aware that these pizzas are made in very limited quantities, so you might need to order a week in advance to get yours.

Bocadillo Market

$$$$ 2342 N. Clark Street

We didn’t know what to think when we walked into Bocadillo for our 8:30pm reservation on a Thursday night. The brightly lit Spanish restaurant felt like a coffee shop, which makes sense, because they’re open all day for pastries and sandwiches. But we were quickly ushered to a table on their string light-filled back patio, which was just lovely. It was small (only about six tables), with Spanish music playing in the background. And it turned out to be the perfect place to eat pretty (and tasty) dishes like tiny pieces of french toast topped with foie gras and jam, a wonderful vegetable pisto with manchego and a duck egg, and tender Iberico pork with pickled snap peas. It’s BYOB, so grab a bottle of wine from The Big Apple grocery store across the street.


$$$$ 500 N Clark St.

To be perfectly candid, we didn’t have very high expectations of Jaleo in River North. Chicago is the fifth location of this casual Spanish restaurant that opened in D.C. back in 1993, and at first the brightly lit, busy space gave us definite chain restaurant vibes. But that concern disappeared fast thanks to the attentive service and great food. The menu includes tapas, paellas, sangrias, and a long list of Spanish wines. And the crowd - while a mixed bag of tourists - is clearly having some fun. It’s contagious, so even if you come here in a bad mood, you’ll be joining them soon. It’s a great spot for dinner and drinks before going out downtown, or if you just want to get together with friends and not worry about how loud you’re being.

Gioia Ristorante E Pastificio

$$$$ 1133 W Randolph St

This new Italian restaurant in the West Loop does wonderful handmade pastas, like a fantastic bucatini cacio e pepe, pici with ragu, and paccheri mancini prepared tableside. But one of our favorite things about this place is that it’s perfect for people who just want to have a conversation. It’s large without feeling cavernous, tastefully decorated in soothing neutral colors, and the service is attentive without being obtrusive. And while Gioia is in one of Chicago’s busiest neighborhoods, it’s still easy (as of now) to book a reservation. Plus, there’s a large bar area that’s great for hanging out after dinner, and a cute sidewalk patio with comfortable tables and chairs that don’t look like they were hastily purchased from a discount garden store.


ChineseSteaks  in  ChinatownPilsen
$$$$ 2101 S Jefferson St.

You’ll find this upscale steakhouse at 88 Marketplace, a very large shopping complex just west of Chinatown. Inspired by Korean BBQ, each table at Holu has a grill where the server (or you, if you like throwing caution to the wind and/or are a control freak) cooks your steak. And the main reason this place is on our Hit List is the incredible quality of the meat. Most of it is aged in-house (you can say hi to the impressive selection displayed in the window while you have a drink at the bar), with everything from ribeye and zabuton, to wagyu tongue and A5 Japanese Kobe. It’s ordered by the ounce, and our suggestion is to get the $75 meat paradise. That allows you to try a portion of everything, along with some banchan-style sides and dessert. Come here with a friend who loves meat, or for a group dinner where everyone at the table digs the idea of having a personal chef for the night.


$$$$ 912 N. State

Do you miss a large dining room and a sea of white tablecloths? How about servers in tuxedo jackets preparing a caesar salad tableside? Well, you will find all of these things at Adalina, an upscale Italian restaurant in the Gold Coast. And even though this sounds like the ingredients of a stuffy restaurant, this spot walks the line between fancy and overly formal - both because of the friendly service, and because it’s busy and loud enough that you won’t feel like you’re eating in a library. Plus, the food is really good. The menu has dishes like gnocco fritto with prosciutto, whipped ricotta, and honey (a fantastic starter) - along with housemade pastas, and entrees like a tender bone-in veal parmigiana. So if you’re looking for a celebratory meal but still want the chance to make a joke with the person making your salad, come here.

Dr Bird’s

$$$$ 1215 N Milwaukee Ave

The original Dr. Bird’s opened in Buffalo in 1981 (fun fact, Griselda named a song after it) and thankfully this counter-service Caribbean spot has a second location in Wicker Park. Their specialty are Jamaican patties, which are filled with either chicken, beef, or spinach. Those are great (our favorite is the spicy beef) but the menu also has tender jerk chicken and creamy rasta pasta with Gruyere, rosemary, and roasted tomatoes. The sides are outstanding too - including must-order coco rice that’s sweet and savory, fluffy coco bread that’s perfect for enfolding your patty, and festivals that are a perfect complement to the smoky jerk seasoning. Bird’s also has a long list of fresh juices, rum cocktails, and incredibly friendly service. In other words, if you like being in a good mood, head here immediately.

Sochi Saigonese Kitchen

$$$$ 1358 W Belmont Ave.

We became fans of this Vietnamese restaurant in Lakeview after eating here on a 90-degree day. Sochi’s refreshing seared duck salad was exactly what we needed - the gỏi vịt was topped with tender breast underneath crispy skin, pickled daikon and carrots, and a perfect amount of mint, sweet and spicy ginger fish dressing. The delicious bánh mì (which had an excellent ratio of pâté and pork loaf to crunchy bread) - made us want to go on a picnic, especially since we were sitting next to the restaurant’s large garage-style windows. The menu also has bigger entrees like phở and cơm chiên, which we’ll certainly be trying on our next visit. This place works for a catch-up dinner with friends or a casual date night, and they now serve cocktails, wine, and beer.

Time Out Market Chicago

$$$$ 916 W Fulton Market

Adding a food hall that opened in 2019 to the Hit List might feel a little lame. But Time Out Market just reopened in Fulton Market after being closed for a year, and now has a bunch of fantastic new vendors. Like Soul & Smoke, a barbecue spot you’ll find further down on this list. Or Shawn Michelle’s, one of the best ice cream shops in the city. There’s also Cleo’s Southern Cuisine, which has incredible chicken wings and moist corn muffins that might change your life (or at least help you forget you lost your left AirPod - again). The industrial space is huge, with two levels, three separate bars, a rooftop, and a sidewalk patio. So if you’re looking for a casual spot with no shortage of tables in the West Loop, put this place on your list.

En Passant

$$$$ 3010 W Diversey Ave

Other than the fact that it’s literally my job to visit new restaurants, En Passant in Logan Square piqued my interest because its chef opened Au Cheval. And Au Cheval has plenty of great dishes - like the chicken liver and foie gras with eggs - other than that damn cheeseburger (which, yes, is delicious). Turns out En Passant is also full of delicious things, and I had a wonderful meal at this casual spot. The escolar topped with black garlic honey was one of my favorite crudos in recent memory, the chicken liver mousse was delightfully airy, and the fennel sausages had a Calabrian caramel sauce I can’t stop thinking about. Also worth mentioning is that En Passant managed to make an incredible burger using only three ingredients: beef, marie rose sauce, and balsamic onions. The restaurant itself is small and dimly lit, with vintage touches (like chandeliers and candles) decorating the space. The whole vibe can work well for a date night, or just a chill dinner with some friends.

Soul & Smoke

$$$$ 2537 S. Wabash Ave.

Soul & Smoke has a familiar story: a catering business designed for events like graduations and weddings buys a food truck and pivots to takeout and delivery because of the pandemic. But now this outstanding barbecue spot has (along with a food truck) two ghost kitchens in Avondale and the South Loop. And not only is the tender, meaty brisket incredible (currently the best in the city), but the sides (like creamy mac and cheese, cornbread muffins, and spicy baked beans) are all just as great as the meat. In conclusion, last year sucked, but I’m really glad that I don’t need to go to a wedding just to eat their food.

Ken Kee Restaurant

$$$$ 2129 S China Pl

“What’s this?” you ask, “Ken Kee isn’t new!” Yes and no. This 20-year-old Chinatown staple was recently bought by the owner of Strings Ramen, and both the space and menu have been overhauled. Now the two-story restaurant is full of neon signs and pop art, and the long menu has been pared-down to mainly congee, Hong Kong street food, and entrees like chow mein. But the reason to come here is to try their new Hong Kong-style cart noodles. There’s a separate menu where you get to customize your bowl, choosing from four types of broth, eight different noodles, and a whole bunch of toppings. I immediately got overwhelmed, so ordered two of their premade bowls - the vegetarian delight (with dumplings, spicy bamboo shoots, enoki, seaweed knots, and Chinese lettuce) and the rich lai kwai fang that was full of brisket, beef tendon, pork blood cake, squid, spicy tripe, and a soft boiled egg. Both were great, and now I want to go back and create my own. Oh, and their egg rolls are really good, too, so at least ordering those will be one easy decision I’ll be able to make.

Matt Haas

Rose Mary

$$$$ 932 W Fulton St

Rose Mary is a Croatian spot from a Top Chef winner and former Spiaggia chef that just opened in the West Loop. Right now, reservations are tough to get, which isn’t that surprising considering this place is from a popular chef and in a popular neighborhood. But please don’t let that dissuade you from booking a table whenever you can, because this place is great. I ate a very spring-appropriate salad with tomato, farro, and asparagus that was both flavorful and refreshing. There was also a delicious crni rizot that tasted like it was made with stock from the tears of a hundred lobsters (that’s a compliment), and, of course, incredible pastas. Most dishes range from $10-$25, and it works for either a casual date or a fun night out with friends. And even though they recently opened, they’re operating seamlessly. So if you’re looking for a new restaurant where you won’t have to form a search party to find your server, you’ll get it here.

Andrea Falcone


$$$$ 2456 N California Ave

This Italian restaurant in Logan Square opened late last summer, and while I’m sure Testaccio’s takeout was delicious back in 2020, I’m glad I got to enjoy my first dinner here on their cute back patio. The menu is short - some hot and cold small plates, two Roman-style pizzas, a few entrees, and pastas like cacio e pepe and mezze maniche. The burrata I ordered was very tasty (a sweet tomato jam was a perfect counterpoint to the cheese), and the ’nduja and ricotta pizza was a great addition to the meal, but...those pastas. There are only three on the menu, but they’re the main reason I’m going to keep telling people that they need to come here. And also the reason they’ll probably see me sitting next to them when they do.

Three House

$$$$ 1450 W. Chicago

I received three DMs telling me to try the smashburger at Three House, an all-day restaurant in West Town. And once I tried it, I wanted to write a thank you note to the tipsters - the burger is delicious, with two juicy patties topped with the perfect amount of cheddar and garlic aioli on a fluffy sesame bun. But the burger isn’t the only reason I’m putting Three House on the Hit List. The rest of the dishes I tried were also great - like the curried chicken empanada that had a light and crispy shell. Or the fried brussels sprouts topped with shallots, feta cheese, and tender slices of skirt steak. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this is exactly the kind of food I want to eat when I’m hungover, drunk, or about to get drunk.

Boonie Foods

$$$$ 125 S. Clark Street

I’m not sure what’s up with Revival Food Hall, but whatever it is, I like it. This downtown food hall is having some sort of renaissance - three of the restaurants on our Hit List are here, including Boonie Foods. This Filipino spot started out as a pop-up in Logan Square last summer, and recently found a permanent home at Revival. The menu is full of hits, from entrees like bagnet and liempo (which comes with delicious garlic rice and a fried egg) to their “Boonie Bomb” tacos, which are their tastiest dishes wrapped in a flour tortilla. I enjoyed everything I ate from Boonie Foods, but I want to take a little extra time to call out the sisig. The menu description is “the best thing you’ll ever eat” and I’m not arguing with that. It was definitely one of the best things I’ve eaten this year, and I eat a lot.

Andros Taverna

$$$$ 2542 N Milwaukee Ave

_Open for takeout, outdoor, and indoor dining _

If you’re wondering which Big New Restaurant you need to visit right away, check out Andros Taverna. This Greek restaurant in Logan Square is exactly what you’re looking for - it’s spacious, has great food, and you can usually get same-day reservations. You’ll find appetizers like the must-order kataifi cheese pie (shredded filo layered with cheese, baked, then topped with honey and pistachios), entrees like prawn saganaki in a rich tomato sauce, and the best spanakopita I’ve ever had. They also have a big patio, weather permitting.

Dear Margaret

French  in  Lakeview
$$$$ 2965 N Lincoln Ave

If you’re looking for a leisurely spot where you can commiserate about your former boss, or discuss important topics like Aaron Rodgers’ contract, book a table at Dear Margaret in Lincoln Park. This charming BYOB French-Canadian restaurant in Lincoln Park has tasty dishes like foie gras terrine with fluffy milk bread, duck breast with lentils, and a friendly team who will leave you alone while you get to the bottom of how Aaron and Shailene met. In other words, it’s exactly the kind of place where you will want to take extra time to finish off that wine you brought.

Mama Delia

$$$$ 1721 W. Division Street

Mama Delia is a Spanish spot that opened in Wicker Park last year. And if you’re familiar with Beatnik, you’ll know what to expect. It’s from the same team, and has a similar atmosphere - meaning loud music and ornate furniture, even on their covered sidewalk patio. I came here to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time (cause, well, you know) over cocktails and we shared some conversas, tartare, and a fantastic cheese plate. The food was great, and the vibe was even better.

Kim Kovacik

Cocoa Chili

$$$$ 3101 W Lake St

Open for takeout

I was already excited to try this Afro-Caribbean spot, but became even more so after hearing about its origin story. The owner, Niquenya Collins, is a business development coach who decided to take her own advice and turn her love of cooking into her own restaurant. Clearly, it was a great decision, because everything I ordered was delicious. The smoky jerk chicken was some of the best I’ve had, the Sengalese poulet yassa was tender and full of lemongrass and the chili con carne makes me mad at all the versions I’ve ever tried to make. I also discovered that fried plantains dusted in cinnamon sugar are my new favorite palate cleanser.


Indonesian  in  Loop
$$$$ 125 S. Clark Street

Open for takeout and indoor dining

Minahasa started out as a pop-up focusing on Indonesian food. It’s owned by the chef and his mother (Mama Betty), and after months of operating out of their house, they opened a stall at Revival Food Hall in the Loop. I recently stopped by to pick up an order of their signature beef rendang (and to see if I could meet Mama Betty). Sadly, Mama Betty wasn’t there, but I’m happy to report that the beef rendang was tender and full of coconut curry flavor. I also picked up some pork sate (and the meat was wonderfully caramelized) and some fluffy balapis for dessert. And as a bonus, they’re also open for lunch.

Kirsten Kaiser

Taqueria Chingón

MexicanTacos  in  Bucktown
$$$$ 2234 N Western Ave

Ever since placing my first order at Taqueria Chingon, not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought about their incredible tacos. I’ll even scroll through their online menu like it’s taco Zillow, fantasizing about my theoretical order. I’ve tried almost all the tacos at this Bucktown spot, and each one has impressed me. They’re all made with chewy handmade tortillas, and have a variety of flavorful fillings - like the morcilla (made with blood, bread, onion, and apples before getting topped with brown butter salsa macha), crispy pig head carnitas, and tender al pastor. The cheese quesadilla is also wonderful, it’s filled with cotija and melty oaxaca cheese that’s caramelized on the edges. Whatever your fantasy order is, just place it early - they run out of food quickly.

Kim Kovacik


$$$$ 2142 N Clybourn Ave

I ordered from this great new Peranakan restaurant in Lincoln Park two weeks after they opened, and I appreciated not just the great food, but also how much they had their sh*t together already. After all, Kapitan is meant to be a sit-down restaurant, but until indoor dining returns, they’re focusing on takeout and delivery. And they’re doing it very well - for example, the pie tee is packaged with the vegetable filling separately, keeping the pastry nice and crispy. And everything else I’ve had here has been great. Kapitan serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day, with dishes like chee cheong fun, a whole roasted Hainanese chicken, and kuih that changes every week. The menu is pretty long, so I’m considering it a personal goal to get through the whole thing as soon as possible. Don’t worry, I’ll report back.

Kim Kovacik

Mr. Kabab

$$$$ 1962 W Peterson Ave.

Open for takeout and delivery

A random DM telling me to, “Check out this place, best Middle Eastern food in the city,” is how I ended up at Mr. Kabab, ordering half the menu for carryout. And it turns out this newish (it opened in September 2020) spot in West Rogers Park does indeed have incredible food. I tried the combination plate (which included chicken shawarma, kefta, rice, salad, and pita), a gyro, the beef shawarma sandwich, and a vegetarian combo with baba ganoush, hummus, falafel, and dolmas. It was all so delicious that I became legitimately upset when I started to get full.

Kim Kovacik


$$$$ 1001 N Winchester Ave

Last summer felt too strange to casually toss around phrases like “best new restaurant,” but Filipino restaurant Kasama in West Town was definitely my favorite. I ordered from here more than any other brand new spot. From their pastries (like the ham and cheese danish or cardamom kouign amann) to their Filipino plates like the BBQ platter or chicken adobo, I’ve never eaten anything that wasn’t absolutely delicious. This place just puts me in a good mood, and I firmly believe it should go into your self-care rotation.

Kim Kovacik

Flour Power

$$$$ 1642 W Chicago Ave

Last year I fell in love with Italianette, which sadly closed when the Fulton Galley food hall shuttered after only seven months. It left a pasta-shaped hole in my heart - one I didn’t realize I’d been trying to fill until I ordered from Flour Power. And while this carryout-only West Town spot isn’t quite the same, the short menu of handmade pastas is all I could ever want when I need a pasta pick-me-up. Just plan ahead: they’re only open Thursdays through Saturdays and release that day’s menu at 8am.

3 Little Pigs


Open for takeout

I picked up my order from the chef of 3 Little Pigs after DM’ing their IG account (that’s how you order) on a side street in Chinatown behind an auto body shop. You see, he was planning on opening a restaurant right before the pandemic hit, but figured starting this Instagram operation would be a way for him to still get his food out there. And I’m incredibly glad he did - the sticky BBQ pork ribs, fried rice (made with Chinese sausage, BBQ pork, and ham), and pork-filled egg rolls were absolutely fantastic. So if you want some delicious Chinese food in your future, I highly encourage you to go ahead and DM him right now.


$$$$ 2833 W Armitage Ave

Open for takeout, delivery, and indoor dining

I’m a fan of Little Bad Wolf in Andersonville. I put their fantastic burger on just about every single burger-adjacent list I write, and it was a frequent go-to for an “off-the-clock” meal when I lived in Rogers Park. So when I heard last winter that they were opening a new restaurant in Logan Square, I was very excited to check it out. And not only is this new burger delicious (it comes on an everything bun, which is a nice change), but the nachos stayed magically crispy even after a 25-minute drive and 15-minute IG picture session.

Wade McElroy

Big Kids

$$$$ 2545 North Kedzie Boulevard

This Logan Square sandwich shop is a collaboration between the former Blackbird Chef and a chef from the sandwich spot Turkey and the Wolf in New Orleans. I’m a fan of both of those places, which is why I practically ran to Big Kids as soon as they opened. Unsurprisingly, the sandwiches and small bites (like the ’sketti pocket) are good. But the specific reason for its appearance here is the collard melt - with braised collard greens, cherry-pepper Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese on rye bread. It’s rich, spicy, and delicious.

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