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Mother's Ruin review image

CHI Review

Mother's Ruin

Mother's Ruin is a casual cocktail bar in Avondale with great bar snacks.

Kuma’s Corner review image

CHI Review

Kuma’s Corner

Kuma’s Corner is all about burgers and heavy metal music.

Parachute review image

CHI Review


Exceptional and impressive. That’s what comes to mind when describing the Korean-American food at Parachute.

Wherewithall review image

CHI Review


Wherewithall is a fantastic tasting-menu spot in Avondale with excellent food and a menu that changes daily.

Lloyd’s Upscale Catering review image

CHI Review

Lloyd’s Upscale Catering

Lloyd’s Upscale Catering in Avondale is a takeout-only spot with fried chicken and BBQ.