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Silk Road Uyghur Cuisine review image

BOS Review

Silk Road Uyghur Cuisine

Silk Road is Boston’s only spot for Uyghur cuisine - and it’s pretty good.

Taiwan Cafe review image

BOS Review

Taiwan Cafe

Taiwan Cafe is a relatively small restaurant in Chinatown with a not-so-small menu of delicious things.

Q Restaurant review image

BOS Review

Q Restaurant

Q restaurant in Chinatown may be part of a secret society - one that serves tasty hot pot.

East Ocean Seafood Restaurant review image

BOS Review

East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

East Ocean is a Chinese restaurant in Revere that has a lot of great seafood options.

Taipei Cuisine review image

BOS Review

Taipei Cuisine

Taipei Cuisine is a Taiwanese spot in Quincy with great beef noodle soup.

Hong Kong Eatery review image

BOS Review

Hong Kong Eatery

Hong Kong Eatery is a spot in Chinatown with good BBQ and a variety of other entrees.