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Gracenote Coffee review image

BOS Review

Gracenote Coffee

Gracenote’s second location in Kendall Square still has very good coffee, and there are even seats and wine available.

State Park review image

BOS Review

State Park

State Park is a laid-back restaurant in Kendall Square that serves all sorts of fried chicken.

Toscanini’s Ice Cream review image

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Toscanini’s Ice Cream

Toscanini’s is probably Boston’s most well-known ice cream shop, and they’ve got some stellar scoops.

Vester review image

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Vester is a Scandinavian-inspired coffee shop in Kendall Square with chic interiors and good coffee.

Sumiao Hunan Kitchen review image

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Sumiao Hunan Kitchen

Sumiao is a Kendall Square restaurant that serves some great Hunan food.

Lily P’s review image

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Lily P’s

Lily P’s is a restaurant in Kendall Square that serves fried chicken and oysters.

Cambridge Brewing Company review image

BOS Review

Cambridge Brewing Company

Cambridge Brewing Company is a brewpub in Kendall Square, and one of the oldest breweries in Boston.

Shy Bird review image

BOS Review

Shy Bird

Shy Bird is a counter-service chicken place in Kendall Square that’s also, weirdly, not a counter-service place, thanks to a full bar.

The Automatic review image

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The Automatic

The Automatic is a spot in Kendall Square that’s kind of a bar, kind of a diner, and kind of a 1950′s airport lounge.

Darwin’s review image

BOS Review


Darwin’s is a big coffeeshop in Kendall Square that also serves beer, wine, and coffee cocktails.

Mamaleh’s review image

BOS Review


Mamaleh’s is an excellent Jewish deli and sit-down restaurant in Kendall Square .

Café Du Pays review image

BOS Review

Café Du Pays

Cafe du Pays is a seriously cozy French-Canadian restaurant in Cambridge.

ArtScience Culture Lab & Café  review image

BOS Review

ArtScience Culture Lab & Café

ArtScience is a Kendall Square restaurant that serves forgettable food and fantastic cocktails.

Area Four review image

BOS Review

Area Four

Area Four in Kendall Square feels kind of like a cafeteria, except it has pizza and beer flights instead of overdone burgers and chocolate milk.