Dumpling Kingdom

Let’s get something out of the way first: the Dumpling Kingdom should be a real place, with a king who wears a dumpling crown, sits on a dumpling throne, and ensures his subjects’ undying loyalty by riding through the streets in a golden carriage, tossing wontons to the peasants he passes by. We’d move there. But in the absence of an actual nation-state that would definitely top those global happiness rankings you see in the news, Dumpling Kingdom in Allston is an acceptable substitute. The menu at this casual sit-down and delivery spot is huge, and you shouldn’t stick solely to the dumplings (any of the Taiwanese-style noodles are worth getting). That said, they named themselves after dumplings for a reason. The soup dumplings are our favorite, because soup dumplings are almost always our favorite, but the pan-fried dumplings are outstanding as well.

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