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FoMu review image

BOS Review


FoMu is a great vegan ice cream shop with multiple locations across the Boston area.

Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co. review image

BOS Review

Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co.

Cheeky Monkey is a sensory-overloaded brewery in the Fenway.

Orfano review image

BOS Review


Orfano is an Italian steakhouse in the Fenway. It has a three-foot tall pepper mill, so that’s something.

Trillium Fenway review image

BOS Review

Trillium Fenway

Trillium Fenway is the much smaller (but still crowded, because Trillium) Fenway outpost of one of Boston’s best breweries.

Conor Larkin's review image

BOS Review

Conor Larkin's

Conor Larkins is a a pub in the heart of Northeastern's campus in the Fenway.

Dos Diablos Taco Bar / Two Saints Tavern review image

BOS Review

Dos Diablos Taco Bar / Two Saints Tavern

Dos Diablos and Two Saints is a beer hall and taco bar in the Fenway.

Boston Shawarma review image

BOS Review

Boston Shawarma

Boston Shawarma is a counter-serve shawarma spot in the Fenway near Northeastern.

Where To Eat And Drink Around Northeastern guide image

BOS Guide

Where To Eat And Drink Around Northeastern

Where to eat and drink when you manage to cross Huntington.

Tasty Burger review image

BOS Review

Tasty Burger

Tasty Burger is a mini fast-food chain in the Fenway that does actually have really tasty burgers, along with beer.

Time Out Market review image

BOS Review

Time Out Market

Time Out Market is a giant food hall in Fenway with stalls run by some great Boston restaurants. It’s cool, but be prepared to pay the tourist tax.

Nathalie review image

BOS Review


Nathalie is a relaxed wine bar in the Fenway with small bites and an interesting wine list.

465 Bar & Restaurant review image

BOS Review

465 Bar & Restaurant

465 is the full-service American restaurant inside the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Groove review image

BOS Review

The Groove

The Groove is a cocktail lounge inside Hojoko that's a great place to hang out if you like hanging out in 1970s bachelor pads.

Futago Udon review image

BOS Review

Futago Udon

Futago is a decent Udon spot in the Fenway.

Hojoko review image

BOS Review


Hojoko is a Japanese restaurant in the Fenway that is the opposite of a sensory deprivation tank.

Bennett’s Sandwich Shop review image

BOS Review

Bennett’s Sandwich Shop

Bennett’s is a good counter-service sandwich shop in the Fenway.

The Hawthorne review image

BOS Review

The Hawthorne

The Hawthorne is a fancy bar with fancy cocktails in Kenmore Square.

El Pelon Taqueria review image

BOS Review

El Pelon Taqueria

El Pelon is a great counter-service taco spot in the West Fens.

The Lower Depths review image

BOS Review

The Lower Depths

The Lower Depths is a cheap and comfortable underground bar in Kenmore Square that has tacos and tater tots.

Audubon Boston review image

BOS Review

Audubon Boston

Audubon is a gastropub in Fenway with a great back yard.