Le Petit Cochon

Le Petit Cochon translates to “the little pig” in French, but there’s nothing little about the pork here unless we’re talking about the amount of space left in your stomach after eating it. The menu is made up of things Anthony Bourdain would request at a carnival, like ram doughnuts and pork belly corn dogs, and it’s all excellent with wine or a cocktail.

The space is in the bottom of an office building, and the only evidence that it exists is a wooden sign with a snout on it out front. But once inside, you’ll find a dining room with hanging terrariums and dainty-looking drapes, as well as some pig skulls to remind you why you’re here. If you want the $32 pig burger (you want the $32 pig burger) know that it’s topped with foie gras, truffle aioli, onion rings, arugula pesto, pork belly, and your own teacup pig to take home with you as a pet.

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photo credit: Nate Watters

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