The Best Bars In Greenpoint

Greenpoint has a ridiculous number of good bars. Here are the ones we like best.

Greenpoint has enough bars that you’ll always find somewhere to drink before or after your dinner. But it also has enough excellent bars that you should come to this neighborhood just to check them out. This is not a guide to all of Greenpoint’s bars - it’s a guide to the ones we like best. And if you’re looking for our favorite restaurants in Greenpoint, you’ll find them here.

The Spots

We have never taken anyone to Ramona who wasn’t impressed with it. The all-white, two-storied space is beautiful, with high ceilings, a marble bar, and giant arrangements of flowers. Even when it’s packed, it’s comfortable for a big group - and if you know there are going to be a lot of you, you can also reserve space in advance. They serve a long list of cocktails, but their negroni is one of the best in the city.

If you don’t like piña coladas, then you probably don’t like getting caught in the rain. But we’d suggest you try the former at Broken Land, a bar that makes the best piña coladas we’ve ever had. There’s also a back patio, and the whole place gets pretty busy on weekend nights - in a good way.

Tørst is Brooklyn’s best beer bar, which also happens to look like that cabin upstate you keep thinking about renting for a weekend. Save yourself $1200 and just come here instead. Whether or not you’re super into craft beer, you’ll appreciate the rotating cast of excellent drafts and the Scandinavian-ish space that makes you feel like you’re sitting in an extremely well-appointed sauna (minus the sweaty people). This is also a very under-utilized day drinking option.

Hidden Pearl is, in fact, kind of hidden. It’s a nice little cocktail bar behind a door in the back of a ramen place (called Wanpaku), and it serves some very good Japanese-inspired cocktails. It’s a great spot for an impressive first date or a drink with someone who claims to know about every good bar in Greenpoint, and there are small plates like pork buns and crispy rice with tuna for when you get hungry. (Just consider making a reservation, because there are only about three tables and five bar seats.)

The original Threes is the best brewery, big groups spot, outdoor hangout, and baby convention in South Brooklyn. This Greenpoint location is similar - minus the outdoor space (although they do have a bit of sidewalk seating). It’s a great place for a laid-back group hang, and while you don’t need to eat a full meal here, there is plenty of stuff to snack on over the course of your many good beers.

Goldie’s feels like an off-the-strip Vegas bar from the 1970s. Except instead of a crowd wearing skintight leather and five-inch platforms, it’s filled with Greenpoint people drinking beer-and-shot combos and eating free Goldfish. There are big leather booths for your group, plus a u-shaped bar for your solo drinking needs, and a pool table for making new friends. On weekdays, Happy Hour goes until 8pm, and it involves $6 margaritas. Overall, this place is that rare combination of fun and low-key that makes it easy to hang out for hours.

One of the most Brooklyn-y Brooklyn things to exist, The Lot Radio is an online radio station that livestreams from a shipping container on an empty lot with assorted picnic tables, chairs, and umbrellas. This place is open all day, serving coffee and snacks and beer from said shipping container. Come here if you want to feel cooler than every other person spending their Saturday afternoon in a coffee shop or a regular bar.

Greenpoint’s bar on a barge - kind of like Grand Banks, only less fancy, and kind of like Frying Pan, only less horrible. Brooklyn Barge is only open when it’s warm, and absolutely packed on summer weekends, so your best bet is to come here on a weeknight when you can enjoy the sea breeze without six different 27th birthday parties around you. They serve bar food, all of which is serviceable - but you’re really here to hang on the water.

Entering Capri Social Club is the closest you’ll get to stepping into a time-space warp. You’ll feel like you might be in Kansas City in 1978, but the crowd here is full of young people. There is no better place in the neighborhood to buy a beer and a shot.

Away from most of the foot traffic in central Greenpoint, Achilles Heel feels like a locals-only spot. This bar is from the same people behind some of Brooklyn’s best restaurants - like Diner, Marlow & Sons, and Reynard - so in addition to interesting wines by the glass and cocktails, they also serve a small but excellent rotating food menu. This is a great place for Happy Hour drinks and oysters or a nightcap, but you could easily hang here for a while.

If you want to have an outdoor group hang in Greenpoint, but you don’t want to deal with the massive crowds at Brooklyn Barge or Northern Territory, try The Springs. Or maybe you’re just looking for a place to hang with your dog - that’s something you can do here, too. Inside, this place is vaguely Palm Springs-themed, with globe lights and giant round booths. But you’re really here for the backyard.

Wrangling a big group that might involve dogs, children, or just people who act like children? Spritzenhaus is an excellent meetup spot. With garage-style doors that open up in the warmer months, this giant indoor/outdoor space is perfect for all kinds of crews and has enough beer and food (mostly sausages and sausage-adjacent things) to keep everyone happy. Plus, you’re a few steps away from McCarren Park if you feel the need to run around in the grass.

The Diamond is permanently closed

The Diamond imageoverride image

The Diamond

$$$$(718) 383-5030
Hours:SUNDAY2:00PM to 1:00AM

The Diamond is a craft beer and wine bar that would be perfect for a coworker hang. It’s not that this place is boring - it just has an extremely friendly, borderline wholesome vibe. Maybe it’s the lack of hard liquor, or the shuffleboard. That said, they do have an old gondola sitting on the back patio that’s the perfect size for two. Do with that information what you will.

If you love craft beer, you’ve probably been to Torst. But you probably haven’t been to Brouwerij Lane, a tiny little craft beer shop and bar with a little back patio. Come here to drink something you haven’t before, or to pick up something to bring in a paper bag down to Transmitter Park.

Hanging by yourself in Greenpoint? Grab a seat at The Brew Inn and order yourself a burger, which is infinitely better than you’d expect from a place that looks like it’s straight out of Central Casting for “average neighborhood pub.” If you need to watch a game, you can do that here, too.

There are never not people at this bar. Which isn’t to say that it’s a rager - far from it. But it is a place that the people of Greenpoint use for any and all of their needs: having a glass of wine with a book, meeting friends for Happy Hour, taking shots before going out, or just drinking a beer outside. You don’t need us to keep listing reasons why people drink, but know that Pencil Factory is here for you when you need it.

Lake Street is yet another great neighborhood bar that has the added benefits of a back patio, sports on TV, and frozen negronis.

If you want to get a relatively quiet drink or read book in a bar without feeling weird, go to Diamond Lil. It’s a little neighborhood spot where you can get a great cocktail and hang out on a velvet barstool with whatever novel you’re currently trying to finish in order to prove something to yourself. There are also a few big booths in the back, and like the stools and the walls here, they’re all green - so if you like that color, you’ll be very happy.

Keg & Lantern has won our title for Best Greenpoint Sports Bar for a few reasons. They brew their own beer, the bar menu is surprisingly big, there are plenty of TVs, and - most importantly - you can watch sports outside on their back patio.

If your Greenpoint drinking experience demands the presence of a rooftop, head to Northern Territory. There’s enough space to accommodate your crew of 10, and it always feels like a party here. Probably because there’s usually a real party happening here. While they do serve food, we’d recommend you get something to eat before or after coming here - there are better options nearby. Also: expect a line at peak times.

The Black Rabbit has been one of Greenpoint’s standbys for a long time, and feels like it’ll stay that way forever. It has a lot to offer: a fireplace, a big backyard, and an always-packed trivia night.

Elder Greene is a pretty normal neighborhood bar, that is designed way better than your usual neighborhood bar. It’s very pleasant here - especially when they open the garage-style windows and the whole place suddenly becomes indoor/outdoor. It’s across the street from both Threes and Ramona, and while we prefer the beer and cocktails (respectively) at those places, Elder Greene is a great spot for when you just want a low-key Happy Hour drink or a nightcap. And if you get hungry, there’s a full menu of bar food as well.

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