Twins Lounge

Twins Lounge is a two-floor bar in Greenpoint that’s like a pool lounge and disco bar rolled into one. In other words - it’s got all of the elements of a great birthday drinking spot. The long wooden bar near the entrance leads to a dark back corner full of pool tables and people who look like they actually know what to do with a pool cue. The bottom floor also has several big booths where your friends can order you round after round of birthday shots as a gesture of love. Upstairs, you’ll find a much brighter area with another bar counter, a disco ball, and floor-to-ceiling windows facing Manhattan Avenue. With all the floral print couches and fuzzy rugs up there, you’ll feel like you’re having a celebratory cocktail hour inside a giant vintage furniture store. And since we know party hosting is hard work, it’s important that we mention the small outdoor terrace. There isn’t much of a view, but it’s an ideal place for stepping away to get some air.

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