The first time we tried to go to Eavesdrop, it was around 6:30pm on a weekday, and every seat was already booked for the evening. So yes, this Greenpoint bar is popular. But if you’re imagining a raucous party with people packed from wall to wall, you’ll need to revise that mental picture. Eavesdrop is actually a very chill place with a soothing, vaguely Japanese design (lots of blonde wood)—and they take their music seriously here. You’ll see some acoustic panels and turntables spread throughout the warmly lit space, and you might spot a Japanese edition of Kurtis Blow’s debut album, Kurtis Blow, hanging out behind the bar. If you’re a music nerd, come here (and bring a date). There’s no standing room, and reservations are hard to come by, but you can always try to snag one of the bar seats that are saved for walk-ins. The cocktails—such as the vesper-esque martini with both vodka and gin—are great, and there are a few small plates for snacking. Try the brussels sprouts. The honey is a very nice touch.

Gino Luigi

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