11 New Brunch Spots To Try In LA Right Now

Fun, fresh, fantastic, flirtatious, brand-new brunch spots in Los Angeles. Did we miss any other “F” adjectives?

11 New Brunch Spots To Try In LA Right Now guide image

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­Now that summer’s in full swing (according to our chapped lips and falling jacaranda trees), that can only mean one thing: there’s never been a better time for brunch. But just because a place serves orange juice and watered-down champagne doesn’t mean you should spend your time there. You deserve a brunch spot that’s fun and exciting. You deserve this guide - 11 New Brunch Spots to Try in LA Right Now.

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The Brunch Spots

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Lucky's Malibu



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Located in the Malibu Country Mart, Lucky’s is a steakhouse filled with everyone from locals sipping martinis to surfers who haven’t even bothered to change out of their board shorts. On the weekends, they serve a brunch menu filled with classics like omelets, quiche, and huevos rancheros, plus filet mignon and eggs, Spanish chorizo breakfast burritos, and signature blueberry cocktails.

Come to this classic Italian restaurant in Beverly Grove any day during the week, and you’ll likely find their patio packed with people who have bottomless pockets and tables filled with $90 plates of pasta. Come on the weekend, and you’ll still probably find those same people - but instead, they’ll be ordering from their brand-new brunch menu. Angelini Osteria is serving fancied-up brunch specials like scrambled eggs covered in truffles, ricotta pancakes covered in blueberry/raspberry compote, and, in true brunch fashion, mimosa kits that come with a bottle of Moet.

Gran Blanco, one of our favorite Venice spots, just started doing brunch. You’ll find all sorts of excellent kind-of-healthy dishes like egg white frittatas, dragon fruit bowls, polenta fries, and kanpachi ceviche, plus a “Tremendous Burger” (both their words and ours) that comes with two smashed patties, caramelized fennel, American cheese, and a brioche bun.

Following in the footsteps of the surprisingly enjoyable seventh season of American Horror Story, Cult is a new all-day café in Santa Monica. But instead of serving gruesome acts and Evan Peters yelling in a basement, they’re offering all-day pastries, cocktails, breakfast sandwiches, caramelized onion avocado toast, and farmers’ market pesto bowls.

After a rather brunch-less year, Redbird is back with a brand-new weekend menu. Located in an old, abandoned church in Downtown LA (in a space that’s much more beautiful than that sentence sounds), Redbird is serving brunch dishes like lamb belly hash, kaya toast smothered in spicy cashew spreads and coconut custard, as well as buttermilk biscuits and duck confit chilaquiles.

Trying to find a brunch menu that pleases everyone is difficult, even if that “everyone” just means you and your many whims and fancies. Head to the Ace Hotel. The massive rooftop restaurant just launched their first-ever brunch service, complete with raw oysters served on the half shell, burrata toasts, and a Spanish tortilla accompanied by summer squash. There’s lots of cocktails and coffee too, so you can sip and enjoy unparalleled views of the city skyline.

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The closest we’ve been to a tropical vacation over the last year was a particularly harrowing night spent staring at the old beach screensavers. If you’ve had a similar experience (we hope you haven’t), head to Manuela. Located right in the middle of the Arts District (and housed within an art gallery), this Southern restaurant just launched a new tropical garden brunch, complete with barbecued oysters, cast-iron cornbread, and grilled yellowtail, as well as vacation-ready cocktails like orange sangria and gimlets made with cucumber and mint.

The newest addition to West Hollywood’s brunch scene is Breakfast Republic, a San Diego transplant on Santa Monica Blvd. Much like their other locations, you’ll find recognizable dishes like eggs benedict, breakfast burritos, French toast, and buttermilk pancakes, in addition to a lengthy drinks menu including everything from imported prosecco to build-your-own kombucha flights.

Justin Queso, Hollywood’s newest Tex Mex spot, also serves brunch, in addition to sizzling fajitas, albondingas soups, and lots and lots of cheese. You’ll find them in a huge 3,800 square-foot space with expansive patios in the front and back, offering breakfast tacos, eggs rancheros, and wet burritos stuffed with scrambled eggs, smoked sausage, and potatoes, then smothered in pico de gallo.

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Vamanos Tacos, a new Culver City taco and margarita bar, has everything you need for a fun, colorful, mezcal-filled brunch. There’s chilaquiles with corn chips, breakfast burritos filled with refried beans, scrambled eggs and salsa, and a huevos rancheros dish that’s been grilled on the mesquite. Cocktails include margaritas with a chili salt rim, and the “Fruit Cart,” a potent, tropical mix of tequila, pineapple, mango puree, lime, and Tapatio.

The Hideaway Steakhouse

Over in Long Beach, The Hideaway is a new steakhouse serving brunch on the weekends. Every Saturday and Sunday, you’ll find dishes like date shake pancakes covered in condensed milk, smoked salmon and crab roulade, as well as a lengthy steak and eggs section where you have your choice of flat iron steaks, top sirloin, New York cuts, or a ribeye, plus eggs, fries, and toast.

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