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The Best Restaurants In Los Feliz

PHOTO: Eugene Lee

The only thing more confusing than Los Feliz’s borders are the people who insist on pronouncing “Feliz” properly. So while this neighborhood may technically include the majority of Thai Town and strips of Hyperion that are absolutely Silver Lake, we’re here to talk “Los Feliz” in the way real people talk Los Feliz: Anything between Vermont and Hillhurst.

And for such a small area, this place has some seriously killer food. So where do you stop as you stroll around on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Read on.

The Spots



Los Feliz
4624 Hollywood Blvd.

Texas Forever. Or at least until 3pm, when this Tex-Mex spot shutters it doors every day to everyone’s dismay. Regardless of that massive error in business judgment, the migas, brisket tacos, and so much queso make this a can’t-miss spot in the neighborhood.

Photo: Benjamin David

Yuca's Taqueria

2056 Hillhurst Ave

Everyone agrees this place is amazing, but good luck getting any consensus on what you should be ordering. Some people swear by the carne asada; others the cochinita pibil, the machaca, and even the freaking cheeseburger. Thankfully, they’re all right – there’s no bad order at this ten-seat little shack on the side of the road. This is the go-to spot for authentic Mexican in Los Feliz.


Little Dom's

Los Feliz
2128 Hillhurst Ave.

You know an Italian spot is good when actual Italians eat there. You know it’s great when the cast of The Sopranos eats there. Little Dom’s is that spot. Get the pancakes and breakfast pizza in the morning, or share some pastas and pies for dinner. You can’t go wrong here.

Photo: Benjamin Dell

Messhall Kitchen

Los Feliz
4500 Los Feliz Blvd.

The go-to spot for group meals in the neighborhood, Messhall is comfort food with a summer camp vibe. Solid brunch and dinner offerings, paired with some tasty and often inventive cocktails, mean everyone in your group will be happy. Yes, even Vegan Karen.


Cafe Figaro

1802 N Vermont Ave

If this place was any more French, you’d need a passport. Classic French food in an exceedingly quaint environment. Sure, sometimes the wait staff may act a little too French, like just plain ignoring you for a while, but if you’re in no hurry, there aren’t many better places for brunch and a massive latte than this.

Photo: Chris Goldberg / Flickr

Ye Rustic Inn

Los Feliz
1831 Hillhurst Ave

The ultimate neighborhood bar. Dark, dingy, and serving up wings and burgers that rival anywhere else in the city, especially at the price point (read: very low). Don’t expect service with a smile. Or anything but The Cure on the jukebox. But do expect some amazing bar food.

Photo: Roy Randall / Flickr

Mustard Seed Cafe

Los Feliz
1948 Hillhurst Ave

Voted the “Spot Most Likely to See That One Guy Who Was in That Thing And Oh Man, What’s His Name?”, Mustard Seed Cafe is a no-frills sidewalk cafe serving up a variety of breakfast and lunch options to the neighborhood’s cable TV stars, of which there are many. There are lots of healthy options, if you need to lose that last three pounds before filming starts.


Farfalla Trattoria

Los Feliz
1978 Hillhurst Ave

Farfalla is the neighborhood Italian joint beloved by Los Feliz locals and unknown to every other human in LA. Little Dom’s tends to get all spotlight, but for a more low-key Italian experience (we’ve yet to see anyone resembling a celebrity here), Farfalla is your move. The ravioli and/or gnocchi need to be in your order.


Fred 62

1850 N Vermont Ave

Greetings from our favorite Eastside drunk food diner. Admittedly, Fred’s food is just fine while you’re sober, but after a few too many beers it reaches levels of spectacular. Breakfast sando? Jucy Lucy? Peanut Butter Malt Shake? Yes please. The vibe is retro and not in the Mel’s Diner type way that makes you die inside. Fred’s your friend who always has your back – 24/7.

Photo: Robin Kanouse / Flickr

Churro Borough

Los Feliz
1726 N Vermont Ave

It’s ice cream and churros. I mean, come on. I’m going to assume you’re on your way now, so it’s time to decide between the tastiest order (a shake and churro fries) or the Instagrammiest order (the classic churro ice cream sandwich). We can’t make these decisions for you, but either way you’ll feel full, happy, and maybe even validated (FINALLY) on social media.


Alcove Cafe & Bakery

Los Feliz
1929 Hillhurst Ave.

Where would we all be without Alcove? A scary thought for sure. Alcove has quickly become Los Feliz’s go-to spot for basically anything. Lunch with your boss? Brunch with friends? Dessert with your better-than-expected Tinder date? All of the yes. Food is good, vibe is chill, and that patio. OHHH THAT PATIO.

Photo: Eugene Lee

Ricky's Fish Tacos

Los Feliz
3201 Riverside Drive

The secret is out on this hidden little food truck behind an apartment building in Los Feliz. These are the best fish tacos in LA. With only three things on the menu (fish tacos/shrimp tacos/daily special tacos), Ricky’s keeps things very straightforward. Like the tacos themselves, which come aioli and mayo-bling free. Check their hours though. They tend to do what they want.

Photo: Benjamin Dell

Mother Dough Pizza

4648 Hollywood Blvd

Mother Dough is one of those pizza joints that slips through the cracks and nobody knows why. Because it’s damn good. This is Neapolitan pizza country and the dough is soft, stretchy, and wonderful. What a change of pace from LA’s obsession with barely-there, cracker-like crust. The space is casual, and it’s a neighborhood go-to for an easy dinner.

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