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Salt's Cure

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There’s always one tell-tale sign your favorite TV show is starting to tank - it starts to move nights. The network execs are freaking out because no one is watching, and there’s an open 9:30pm time slot on Friday night that even syndicated Who Wants To Be Millionaire can’t make work. Stick a fork in it Nigel Lythgoe, it’s done.

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t mildly concerned when we heard one of our favorite Weho brunch spots, Salt’s Cure, was packing up shop and moving to Hollywood. It’s not the move itself that concerned us, it’s the why. They had as good a set-up as any on Santa Monica Blvd. The homey little space fit perfectly into a walkable neighborhood whose most reliable food source was a Smart & Final and Astroburger. So to close and move the whole operation to an industrial stretch of Highland in south Hollywood? A head-scratcher, at best.

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Fast forward a few months and to the new Hollywood digs, and we have only one word for Salt’s Cure - touché.

Everything about the new spot is the same Salt’s Cure we know and love, only more of it. More space - the old Ammo spot was completely gutted and opened-up to give it actual curb appeal and a great front patio. More hours - praise Jesus, they finally have an all-day lunch situation. And more food - every part of the menu is beefed up all while keeping our favorites intact (hello pork loin, it’s good to see you again).

And it occurred to us, THIS is the real Salt’s Cure. However endearing the tiny old space was, it was ultimately holding Salt’s Cure back. Now, the large, casual space means Salt’s Cure can be anything. A boozy brunch with the girls, a power lunch with your agent, a low-key date, or after-work beer while the traffic dies down. And the food? It was always good, but now it’s great. The clams with lamb sausage are rich, spicy, and fantastic. The pork ham confit is the perfect lunch salad that’s actually a bowl of meat. And those oatmeal griddle cakes are easily among the best pancakes in the city. Salt’s Cure is now a well-rounded, knock-out restaurant that made all the right decisions.

If only Astronaut Wives Club had done the same.

Food Rundown

Oatmeal Griddle Cakes

No other way to put it - these things are as good as it gets. It takes a lot to really screw up a pancake, and it takes even more to make it exceptional. Salt's Cure has accomplished the latter. You can order them with an entree or a la carte. Either way, it's good news.

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Pork Ham Confit

An ideal lunch order. It looks like a salad, but it's pretty much meat. Doesn't get much better than that when you're deflecting stressful questions from your theatrical agent.

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Two eggs, two sausages, and two slices of bacon. This would be a skippable dish most places, but at Salt's Cure, it's one of their best. Proving the know exactly what they're doing.

Avocado Citrus

This one isn't our favorite. It's not bad, and if you're looking to eat lettuce, avocado, and citrus, you will get what's advertised. But there's far more interesting things on the menu.

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Biscuits and Jam

You're ordering these. Only found on the brunch menu, these fluffy, glorious babies are worth the trek alone.

Pork Loin

This thing continues to be close to perfect. 16oz of tender, juicy happiness. This is Salt's Cure signature dish and one of our favorite cuts of meat in the city. And we go to The Abbey frequently.

Salt's Cure review image

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