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All'acqua review image

LA Review


All'acqua has solid, if slightly underwhelming cocktail and salad menus, but they set the course for some absolutely magical entrees. When taken as a whole, it makes for a more than solid meal.

Petit Trois review image

LA Review

Petit Trois

Petit Trois teases with a cool idea, delights with great food, and leaves you with the feeling that it could have been more.

Mendocino Farms review image

LA Review

Mendocino Farms

Mendocino Farms makes delicious sandwiches. We just wish the place didn't feel like such a whitewashed chain. The food is good - just get it to-go.

Silverlake Ramen review image

LA Review

Silverlake Ramen

Silverlake serves some of the best ramen in town, but thanks to perpetual lines, we endorse getting it for takeout.

Village Tavern review image

LA Review

Village Tavern

Village Tavern’s not fine dining but if you pick your dish right, you can still have a good time. And even if you pick your food wrong, this place is just too damn likeable for you to get <i>too</i> upset.

Roscoe's Chicken And Waffles review image

LA Review

Roscoe's Chicken And Waffles

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles has 100% earned its fame. Your stomach, wallet, and friends will all thank you.

Homestate review image

LA Review


Homestate serves incredible Tex-Mex food in Los Feliz.