Mixto Comida Latina

Mexican in Silver Lake

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Why do we love Will Smith movies? Is it because of his relatable charm? Or the worrisome special effects? Or the palpable anticipation of one his children dropping a Top 10 dance anthem off the soundtrack? Probably a mix of all three. But mostly, it’s because we know that while we’ll never totally be blown away (sans Hitch, obvs), we’re still going to get a pretty decent movie that above all else will never completely disappoint.

Enter Silver Lake’s Mixto Comida. Maybe this makes us boring people, but simply put, we’ll take a restaurant that’s consistently pretty darn good over a place that’s only decent with fleeting moments of greatness any day of the week. Mixto is that restaurant. Situated on a busy strip off Hyperion, Mixto Comida serves up not-so-authentic but consistently delicious Mexican to a neighborhood staunchly in favor of loudly announced authenticity.

How do they get around this you ask? By way of the simplest Eastside trick in the books – dish out a wide variety of healthy and vegetarian options, which to our own shock, aren’t any less tasty. Whole wheat tortillas, soy chorizo, and the most edible kale salad in existence make this casual, walk-up window a sure bet anytime of the day. Is there the box-office blockbuster Independence Day in the mix? Try the pork tacos. Is there a Hitch? The chicken quesadillas come close. And while the burrito bowls may be inching uneasily close to After Earth, we don’t see you leaving unsatisfied no matter what direction you head.

But the real headline for this roadside Mexican joint is the simple fact that they deliver. In case you’re not as familiar with the late-night delivery regret scene as we are, Mexican delivery is just not a thing. So plan to take full advantage of that. A lot.

The bottom line is Mixto Comida is an easy neighborhood spot with good food worthy of just about any casual situation. This isn’t The Oscars, Jada. No skipping this one.

Food Rundown

Guacamole And Chips

Starting off with what’s essentially a condiment? One taste and you’ll understand why. In a town full of outstanding guac situation, this is damn near our favorite. Bright, chunky, and zippy, this is a must order side to every meal.

Mixto Comida Latina review image

Pork Tacos

First things first: get the habañero salsa on this one. The extreme spiciness of the habañero mixes with the creaminess of the avocado and pork to make one of the best tacos in LA. For real.

Mixto Comida Latina review image

Kale Caesar

Do you think that’s a pun? Like “Hail Caesar”? Fck yes it is. And it’s also the only kale salad we might choose over a real human salad. The citrus and cheese cut any bitterness. Bonus points if you add chicken.

Mixto Comida Latina review image

Chicken Quesadilla

The story here is the tortilla. Yes, a whole wheat tortilla is kind of weird, but our guess is you’re going to be ordering this baby sometime down the road again. And the good news is whatever health benefits the wheat brings is quickly be drown out by the cheese and sour cream. Authentic? No. But bets are if you’re still reading this, that’s of zero concern.

Mixto Comida Latina review image

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