Tacos Delta

Mexican in Silver Lake

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If you want to show someone Silver Lake for the first time, just grab some Tacos Delta, sit on their back porch on a Sunday afternoon, and watch the farmer’s market wind down across the street. It’s lush. It’s casual. It’s bustling with young families and hungover 20-somethings. It’s Silver Lake in one meal.

Stationed in a walk-up window off of Sunset Blvd., just down the street from Sunset Junction and tucked between 37 artisanal juiceries, Tacos Delta has the feel of a true neighborhood joint. Even with a menu as long as your arm, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find anything not worth the low prices. From the Mexican soups to the definitely-not-Mexican burger, the food is solid and satisfying.

But you don’t go for the food, at least not entirely. You go because of the feel of the place. You go for the people watching. You go to eat some real food in a neighborhood that sometimes feels like it’s lacking such a thing.

Food Rundown


It’s delicious. The asada is the best version of this.

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Breakfast Burrito

The best non-alcoholic hangover cure in Silver Lake. Go for the chorizo, and make sure you grab plenty of their house salsa.

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Hard Tacos Plate

If you’re the type of person who is OK with eating a hard taco when you could just as easily order a more authentic version nearby, you’ll enjoy this.

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