Silverlake Ramen

Perfect For: Dining Solo Serious Take-Out Operation

There are two kinds of people: those who think waiting for something makes that thing even better, and those who think waiting makes things suck.

In high school, I purchased tickets to the Pop Disaster tour, headlined by Blink 182 and pre-American Idiot Green Day, a whole 6 months before the concert. This was a culmination of my wanna-be-punk-but-too-scared-to-be-actually-punk self’s life. All my heroes, on one stage. All I had to do was wait half a year and it would be mine. So I filled my half a year with schoolwork, no girls, and growing my hair so long I could eat my bangs. And when the day arrived? Well, if you’ve ever seen those bands in concert, I don’t need to tell you. Expectations can be a b*tch.

So forgive me if you think I’m robbing people of some extra bit of goodness here, but there’s no reason to eat at Silverlake Ramen. That’s not to say you shouldn’t eat Silverlake Ramen (you should) but there’s no need to eat AT Silverlake Ramen. Nothing about the hour-long wait for a table, or the packed room, will make the food taste better. And let’s face it, a big bowl of ramen tastes damn good from the comfort of your couch. A big bowl of Silverlake Ramen, specifically, tastes even better.

Hugely popular, grossly trendy, and very delicious, Silverlake Ramen has managed to not just build, but sustain their hype as Silverlake’s go-to ramen spot since they opened their doors in 2012. The fact that they're Silverlake’s only ramen spot helps, sure, but this place stacks up against a lot of the Chinatown and DTLA offerings as well. And if the lines every night are any indication, this place is showing no signs of slowing down. But screw the lines. Call in your order, tell the valet guys you’re picking up so you don’t have to deal with parking, and take this back to the comforts of your own living room.

Food Rundown

Tonkatsu Spicy Ramen

Deeply flavored broth with enough spice to warm the stomach. Go with the pork belly, with chunks damn near the size of a standard pork chop, and settle in for that perfect home-sick-from-school-watching-Maury meal.

Fried Gyoza

These pork dumplings have the crunch, the flavor, and the sauce to make them a must-order.

Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna

The whitest possible sushi order is probably your best bet at a non-sushi restaurant, and this thing does the trick. The bed of crispy rice is somewhere between a king-size and Hugh Heffner’s, and the tuna is just spicy enough for a good kick.

Cashu Bowl

This is the chicken’s place to shine, as the pork belly can be a bit too fatty on its own. Plenty of veggies, rice, half an egg, and remember to ask for some soy sauce to keep it from being too dry.

Pork Bun

The flavors are great, but not recommended for take out. If you manage to snag a table though, this is a great little snack before your meal.

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